Steve Kilmister, Client Compliance Services Operations & Assurance Director

Outsourcing your compliance headaches

By Steve Kilmister, Client Compliance Services Operations & Assurance Director BT Global 

As we gear up for the 12th annual Compliance and Ethics Institute hosted by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, we are excited to share our best practices, network with other professionals and most importantly, help solve compliance challenges that companies face every day.

Increasingly, companies face the challenge of implementing flexible and cost effective IT services while maintaining compliance with mounting regulatory obligations.  At BT, our team of Client Compliance specialists helps our customers to bear the burden of their regulatory responsibilities, ensuring they maintain the highest level of compliance without investing in costly internal resources. [Read more…]

Fabrice de Windt, vice president, sales & business development

Why should financial services institutions consider moving to a managed outsourcing model?

Q&A with Fabrice de Windt

Welcome to our question and answer session with Fabrice de Windt, vice president, sales & business development, global banking & financial markets. 

Fabrice provides an insight into the benefits of managed IT outsourcing. He explores the range of options available and an example of how a major banking customer is currently using outsourcing to help their operational effectiveness. [Read more…]

Hong kong

Outsourcing – The View From Hong Kong

Our Summit clearly identified an important tension: IT users expect an innovative experience; yet IT budgets are under constant pressure and threat of reduction. How do we square this always tough and occasionally vicious circle? We asked our technology leaders how they currently view outsourcing. Is it a way to pursue innovation and best practice? Or is it primarily about cutting costs?

Their response? Split almost exactly down the middle: 49 per cent consider outsourcing is about “access to excellence”; 51 per cent believe it’s about “cutting costs”. [Read more…]


Christel Plessers: CIO priorities in an outsourced environment

Christel Plessers, CIO of Daimler/Mercedes-Benz Belgium & Luxemburg, offers her perspective on CIO priorities in an outsourced environment. The second interview in our Benelux CIO Leadership Summit 2011 series.

Daimler works in a fully outsourced IT environment, which has its own specific set of challenges, CIO Christel Plessers says.

What are the main ICT priorities for the company now? [Read more…]


Chris Borremans: keep focused on the business value, keep sane

Chris Borremans, CIO of Komatsu Europe, explains why he has somewhat contrarian views on IT management. An interview and at the same time the start of a series of CIO interviews in which we look at IT priorities with panelists of the CIO Leadership Summit 2011.

We first asked Chris Borremans what his major ICT priority is at present.

Chris Borremans: Consolidation, simplification, cost reduction.  Our IT infrastructure used to be highly fragmented and organized along geographic lines.  That is because the company has grown through acquisitions, without a real drive for standardization. [Read more…]