Vertical industry technology predictions through the next five years

Among the main ICT trends and drivers for this year, Gartner identifies cloud computing, social technologies and mobile. Gartner further says that for industry CIOs “navigating economic and market volatility will be a critical success factor in 2012 and beyond”.

Also “aligning their IT and business practices with the needs of customers and business partners”, will be critical for ICT and business success, Gartner claims.

In a report, the company emphasizes and explains these trends and evolutions while summing up several top vertical industry technology predictions and trends for the next 4-5 years. An overview. [Read more…]


Forbes predictions for the telecom industry: the sustainability impact

In December, Forbes reported on twelve predictions for the telecom industry. What do they mean for corporate responsibility and sustainability in 2012?

Among the predictions, the primacy of India and China; emerging market companies will gain ground in rankings at the expense of companies from developed countries; focus on machine to machine interfaces (smart grid, logistics); mobile subscriptions will exceed 6bn (half in Asia Pac alone); global broadband penetration will surpass 10% (0.7bn I assume), installed PCs will pass 2 billion; continued focus on cloud computing. [Read more…]


Cloud computing 2012: five predictions

In December, Forrester’s Holger Kisker, posted ten predictions regarding cloud computing in 2012. With the new year arrived, we take a look at some of them.

We summarized five of the main cloud computing evolutions the Forrester analyst sees for this year. Feel free to comment and add your cloud computing 2012 predictions below or in the BT Let’s Talk LinkedIn group. [Read more…]


Five cybersecurity predictions for 2012

In this guest post, Patrik Runald, Sr. Manager, Security Research at Websense, looks at the – very near – future of cybersecurity. With all of the crazy 2011 security breaches, exploits and notorious hacks, what can we expect for 2012? 

The cybersecurity predictions in a report by Websense are clear: “With an influx of bring your own devices (BYOD) and mobility, social media exploding, cloud computing knocking, and other operational challenges thrown in for good measure, if 2011 was the shocker, then 2012 is likely to be the kitchen sink of security concerns”. [Read more…]


A fundamental reset of the way we work


Much has been said in recent times about the future of work and how it is being influenced by new internet based technologies. It’s a change that has been called revolutionary, radical, transformational, paradigm shifting and a new start. Three recent publications highlight the level of interest. [Read more…]