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Cyber crime: all trick, no treat

As technology becomes ever more complex and sophisticated, so does the malicious software that aims to disrupt networks and systems or enable entry for cyber-criminals to steal valuable information. While our ability to fight off these attacks is constantly evolving, there’s nothing like a little extra vigilance to help you protect your business. [Read more…]

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Infographic: Global attitudes to cyber security

Fresh research has assessed the varying attitudes to cyber security and levels of preparedness among IT decision makers, revealing perceptions around the source of threats.

As the world of technology gets increasingly complex, so too do the levels of threat we face. The world of the cyber hacker has become ever more cryptic, and it’s more important than ever to make sure your organisation is prepared. [Read more…]

Jon Thompson, Permanent Secretary of the MOD

Defence and intelligence: the next steps

By Jon Thompson, Permanent Secretary of the MOD

Information is critical to every aspect of the Defence business: from managing our finances to communicating on the battlefield; from understanding the characteristics of our people, to sharing intelligence with allies.

In 2011 Lord Levene reported on Defence Reform. His analysis of the need to change defence was stark, it had to reach every aspect of the business; including the way we value and manage information. 

Our work has gone far beyond what Lord Levene originally envisaged. Programmes such as Army 2020 (to restructure the army), pulling out of Germany, launching the reserves strategy and seeking a market solution to run infrastructure and procurement are additional to measures in his report. Altogether, 15 other major change programmes were started in the last two years over-and-above Lord Levene’s 53 recommendations. [Read more…]

Cyber Security

Are you aware of your risks?

By: Charles Fox, Enterprise Architect Cyber Warfare, BT

If you’ve been wondering whether to make the most of cloud technology, there’s something that you should be aware of.

Just because information is stored ‘in the cloud’ and appears not to be as tangible as having your data centre in-house, the secure use of the technology is still your responsibility —you can rely on your Cloud Service Provider’s (CSP) people, processes and technology to take care of the secure delivery of information.

So how can you identify the areas that you need to take care of? And, is this relatively easy to determine? [Read more…]

Jill Knesek, Global Practice Head for Advise Assure, BT Global Services

Security – Virtually Any Way You Need It

Jill Knesek, Global Practice Head for Advise Assure, BT Global Services

Security is a word we take for granted, but should be high on every organization’s agenda. Data breaches, cyber-attacks and security risks are at an all-time high. With recent cyber-attacks headlining the news – such as The New York Times’ website hacking and the hacking of Twitter, companies need to have a strong security team in place to manage threats and keep their systems secure. At the same time, businesses are more complex than ever before – the rise of social media, BYOD, cloud computing and big data add a new layer to security considerations.

As a result, information security is no longer in the background of an IT organization. Companies need to make sure they have the right person or team to step in to protect against potential vulnerabilities and security breaches. However, for a lot of firms, hiring a full-time staff focused on security is too costly or time consuming to find the right people. [Read more…]