Mark Akass, CTO, Global Banking & Financial Markets

Who’s afraid of mobile? survey says …most of us.

By: Mark Akass, CTO, Global Banking & Financial Markets

As you may recall, earlier this year, YouGov conducted for a survey for BT* of 1,000 adults on their perceptions of mobile banking, alternative payments and customer service. Despite a clearly demonstrated uptick in the use of smartphones and tablet devices, the survey found that customers in the U.S. still need to be convinced about the trustworthiness of mobile banking services. Surprisingly, only 13% rate mobile banking as a service they would trust more than other technologies.  In fact, U.S. customers place more trust in ATM cash machines (58%), in-branch self-service kiosks (52%), and online banking (51%) for their banking requirements.  

As someone who focuses on technology for financial institutions, these statistics can be somewhat disheartening given the wonderful benefits mobile banking can offer consumers – including  instant access to account information and an easy method to transfer funds. [Read more...]

Top 5 Stories

June’s Top Picks

Your monthly round up of the stories everyone’s been reading  

Cyber attacks… innovation… collaboration… June’s top stories cover the hot business topics, along with an incisive article that discusses our need to focus on the networks behind our shiny new devices.

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Mark Hughes

Team Work Overcame London 2012 Challenges

By: Mark Hughes, CEO of BT Security

On Monday, I had the honor of taking part in the Cisco Live event held in Orlando, where I addressed the security challenges that we faced during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and our evolving relationship with Cisco’s security team.

Chris Young, Cisco’s senior vice president of security, raised some interesting questions, which helped me explain how we planned and prepared for the Games, the surprises we encountered, and our reaction to these. [Read more...]


How Voice Recognition is Keeping Vital Processes Secure

By: Alex Noble, CRM Specialist, Cisco

Huge developments in voice recognition technology are revolutionising some of the most security conscious customer service processes around.

And these are significant developments set to change the way all of us interact with the organisations we deal with on a regular basis. [Read more...]

David Cairns

Security, Compliance and Cloud

Security is a very big concern when it comes to cloud. And as a leading provider* of cloud to the enterprise market we’re proud that it’s one of our main USPs.

There are other cloud providers, sure. But there’s a difference between the scale of mass market providers with a stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap approach, and the carrier-grade pedigree service and global footprint that we offer our customers. [Read more...]