Infographic: just a little of that human touch

The average number of avenues we can use to contact our banks, building societies and insurers is a whopping 6.2, including social media, SMS and even video chat. It’s no wonder that it all seems a bit disconnected; research conducted by BT and Avaya revealed that people still crave the simplicity of popping into their local branch for some good old fashioned human interaction. In fact, almost half of people interviewed say that having a named individual to email or phone would help them warm to their financial service providers.

Take a look at our infographic that shows some of the ways that banks, building societies and insurers are giving their communication strategies a human touch: [Read more...]

Mark Jopling

Do banks still need a human touch in the digital age?

By Mark Jopling, vice president retail banking & financial services, BT

With so many things in life today, technology has created an environment where everything is faster and simpler.   While the internet may have started only as a way of sharing information, nowadays there’s not much that can’t be done online. The world of banking, for example, has moved many services online and made them available via mobile apps.   But the question is, when it comes to banking do we really want instant digital service, or is there still a need for the human touch?

Our new study in partnership with Avaya has found that the ways that people are using to connect with their financial service providers has grown by 44 per cent. We conducted a similar study about two years ago, and the results show remarkable levels of growth. Up to 23 per cent of us now connect with our banks using apps, 11 per cent of us use web chats, and for the first time, video calls are being used, with three per cent of people having used it to try and contact with financial services companies in 2014. [Read more...]

cloud contact

Cloud contact has customer service covered

How do you keep the business running smoothly and provide the same levels of service when calls unexpectedly shoot up from 2,000 to 260,000 a day?

Let’s face it, customers rarely phone to congratulate you, so when they call they expect their query or problem to be sorted quickly and efficiently. I’m sure this isn’t a revelation. People have always had high expectations of customer service. But those expectations have skyrocketed in recent years and many businesses are struggling to keep up. [Read more...]

Craig Chadburn

Our top 12 blogs of 2013

It’s been a great year for the blog. We’ve had no end of interesting topics to cover, and we’ve been proud to host some excellent guest authors to fill us in on all of the exciting developments in the different sectors of industry.

From health, to security, to retail, we’ve had them all. In the spirit of our festive blogs, we’ve compiled a countdown of our top blogs from the year. [Read more...]

Michael Cooper

12 technologies and trends that will shape financial services in 2014

By Michael Cooper, CTO BT Radianz Services, BT

Richard Branson believes that 2014 will be the year for the great entrepreneur, especially as a positive way to create the jobs of the present and the future. So we can expect a great surge in startups from Silicon Valley, to Shoreditch and Israel — places you can bet you’ll find our scouting teams! 

Meanwhile Jim Kim (President of The World Bank) believes 2014 should be the year to invest in people. When companies and countries invest in their people ‘it unleashes innovation, which can create miracles.’

So, we thought we’d throw our views into the hat to and share our thoughts about 12 technologies and trends that will shape financial services in 2014. [Read more...]