Take another look at your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans

Davor Jakic, Systems Integrator at BT Advise, is concerned that many companies’ Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are not flexible enough to deal with emerging threats

What is your impression of Business Continuity strategies at companies today?

Frankly, we’re a little concerned.  It is striking how time and time again companies are confronted with threats that they aren’t well equipped to deal with, notwithstanding significant investments they may have made in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.  For example, we’ve seen several attacks by hackers recently that have forced companies to cut off all connectivity with external networks, including internet and mail, but also system-level connections with suppliers and partners.  Also, some customers have been responding to our recent “Winter blackout in Belgium” article (on BT’s Let’s Talk blog), expressing concern that they’re not well protected against a major power failure in Belgium.  [Read more…]


Winter blackout in Belgium? Should CIO’s be worried?

Davor Jakic, Systems Integrator BT Advise investigates realistic threats of  electricity outages.

Could Belgium face a winter electricity blackout? No way, says the country’s political leadership, but the risk that it could happen due to the threatened closure of two of Belgium’s seven nuclear power plants, has been hot news this summer.

“ … The closure of two of Belgium’s seven nuclear power plants has led to discussions of a possible electricity shortage this winterIn the worst-case scenario, Belgium’s high-voltage transmission system operator could completely cut off electricity to houses in more rural areas for an hour or two…”  [Read more…]

T Rajah

The IT Budget – Where Does The Money Go Today?

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One of the limitless resources that’s most certainly come to an end is capital! With money too tight to mention in IT budgets, T Rajah, CIO of CLSA, painted a picture of excessive resource still being absorbed by “keeping the lights on” tasks such as data centre running and network security – at the expense of the innovation needed to provide the experience users really want.

We asked our audience for a profile of their current budget allocation to these tasks. The results were revealing: today, 49 per cent of respondents spend 30 per cent or more of their IT budget on network security and data centre running. (And a further 37 per cent spend half or more of their budget in these areas.) [Read more…]


Tablets in the classroom? You BETTcha.

The days when education meant sitting at a desk being preached to by a teacher who stood at the front of the classroom are long gone as the annual British Education Training and Technology (BETT) show proved.  [Read more…]

Festive Tip #11: Simplify your IT into a single platform

Welcome to the eleventh day of our 12 tips for an extraordinary New Year. Every day we’re sharing a simple way your organisation can make the most of the working days in December to get ready for a successful and prosperous 2012. [Read more…]