Nicola Millard

Trust is the lynchpin of collaboration

Whether it’s in the context of our professional or personal lives, we spend an extraordinary number of hours a year collaborating with others. It’s something we do every day, a necessity in order to gather information, advance projects and forward-plan. Yet have you ever taken a moment to think about the psychology behind it — what makes you more inclined to collaborate with some people more than with others?

Dr. Nicola Millard, BT’s Customer Experience Futurologist and an expert on the psychology and styles of work, explores the science behind successful collaboration in our digital age in her new white paper: Establishing Common Ground for Collaboration in Virtual Organisations: The death of distance, herding cats and calming our inner caveman. Nicola comes to an interesting conclusion: trust is the lynchpin of collaboration. [Read more…]

secure thinking

PSN – The possibilities start now

By Neil Rogers, President, Global Government, BT Global Services

In one sense, the Public Services Network or PSN is very much what it says it is – a network dedicated to public services. After all, it’s not a complicated concept, so why should it need a complicated name? And its intended purpose is also widely understood: to enable shared services and collaboration in order to reduce costs and improve services. That much is very clear. [Read more…]


Don Tapscott: collaboration and the age of networked intelligence

In his foreword of the white paper ‘The great technology take-up’, Don Tapscott makes the case for collaboration, co-creation and a new set of business principles. Tapscott, among others known as the author of Wikinomics looks at the changing paradigms in increasingly connected times.

When we use the term ‘connected’, we often immediately think about technologies, the Internet and social media. However, the world is more connected than ever before in other ways too. In his foreword, Don writes ‘the challenges of sovereign debt, economic malaise, youth unemployment, social unrest, resource scarcity and other problems are all connected’. [Read more…]


Four filters for sustainable growth

Welcome to the first blog in my 4-part series where I talk through key themes from a recent whitepaper I wrote for BT Global Services called ‘Expect the Unexpected’.

The paper provides some long-range planning tools for leaders of Britain’s largest organisations, and in the video below I introduce [Read more…]


Coping with consumerisation: an approach to setting sensible policies

What began as a trickle of smartphones, tablets and other mobile consumer devices into the workplace has surged to a flood, with no end in sight. These devices seem to seep through every crack in IT protocols and controls.

But there’s no holding back the tide; employees continue to push, pull and smuggle their own choice of technology into work. Every large organisation must face the reality of the situation, accept what is happening and start to lead. Now is the time to stop worrying and start developing policies and practices that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of consumerisation while keeping your network and data secure.

Companies that have not yet addressed this trend may have [Read more…]