How our communications network gives Brazilians a chance to win big.

The recent renewal of our contract to connect the lottery outlets throughout Brazil to Caixa’s data centre in Brasilia provides, first and foremost, for the maintenance of more than 14,000 already-installed connection points, and up to 4,000 additional points by the end of 2020.

Our years of international experience, investment in local technologies and methodologies, and guaranteed satellite signal reception led to us winning the public bidding. In the following interview, Jorge Najera provides more detail:

What does the contract with Caixa to connect the lottery outlets represent for BT?

Without a doubt, it is an economically important contract for us. But it’s also a chance for us to show that it can offer Brazil a series of technologies and resources that can be brought together for the perfect functioning of a complex system like the Federal Lottery operated by Caixa.

The first thing that we have to understand about this system is the enormous coverage of the network, just as extensive as Brazil itself. And while that’s obviously true, one needs to reflect a little and take into account all the aspects that this agreement encompasses. Security, for example, is a key factor because a huge amount of money circulates in this network.

What would you say are the other critical points in the case of the lottery network?

This network must not go down, ever. The availability has to be total. In fact our SLA agreement with Caixa provides for a 99.99 per cent availability. Can you imagine not being able to bet on the Mega Sena (the most popular lottery in Brazil) because the system is down? Success is related to years of international experience and, in Brazil, to the competence of our professionals and to the investments made here in innovative developments to meet specifically Brazilian conditions.

Among such developments is there one in particular that you would highlight?

Particularly in this case, which requires the intense utilisation of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) satellite connections, the implementation of a mirror installation in our teleport was very important. It ensures satellite signal reception in the most adverse climatic conditions, even in storms, guaranteeing continuity in our client’s communications.

In the event of a degradation in the link, the duplication of our teleport allows traffic to be immediately switched from the main facility in Hortolândia, in the State of São Paulo, to its ‘mirror’ in Jaguariúna, also in São Paulo, without affecting the services provided to the client.

The choice of Jaguariúna, 30 kilometres away from Hortolândia, as the ideal location for the second facility involved microclimate studies, software development and a whole series of factors. And all of this led to innovation for the benefit of our clients.

I would also highlight a methodology developed by BT Brazil for the rapid and economical installation of VSAT connections, which we call VSAT Factory.

Can you comment on the social inclusion aspect that exists in Caixa’s lottery project?

There is a new word in Brazil — ‘bancarization’. It describes the entry of people into the banking system. But here we are dealing with more than that. The lottery outlets, and the corresponding workers, provide a number of services that are typical of a bank, such as the payment of social benefits. But beyond this is the fact that in many locations, the lottery outlets are the only place where the government ‘converses’ with the citizen.

In your opinion, does the presence of BT in all the Brazilian municipalities contribute to government projects with a national scope?

More and more, governments function as companies. Very often companies are leading the way in the use of digital tools to improve their performance. But governments are, by necessity, heading in this direction, and Brazil is no exception. We have many good examples of the use of digital networks for streamlining the services provided by the government to its citizens, and one of those is the network that we provide for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom — the British public health system.

The truth is that governments use more and more digital connections as a way of connecting with people and also as a way of providing information and ensuring transparency — which is indispensable for a government that seeks to win the confidence of the population, and is equally indispensable for a company that seeks to win the loyalty of the consumer for its brand.

To learn more about our work with Caixa in Brazil, visit our website.

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