Luke Beeson

Protecting health from cyber attacks.

By Luke Beeson, VP Security UK and Global Banking & Financial Markets.

Today, the health and social care sector faces a challenge to keep its patient data secure from cyber attack. The UK Health Cyber Security Summit, from 24-25 November will share expertise to help the sector defend its information.

Tackling cyber security in the health sector.

The UK Health Cyber Security Summit is an ideal opportunity for key stakeholders in the UK health sector to get the latest advice and insight about how to protect their data.

Many people don’t realise how cyber security relates to their job roles. That’s why this summit is relevant to everyone — especially those with day-to-day responsibility for handling sensitive health information.

The summit will delve into the latest cyber security issues faced by the NHS, private hospitals and GP practices. And it’ll focus in particular on cyber resilience, cloud-based threat intelligence, the security of medical devices, electronic patient records as well as new mobile healthcare services.

My team and I would very much like you to join us at the summit to share in the knowledge, debate and decisions that will take place.

Cyber security is an added pressure in health.

The NHS and other health organisations are under pressure to control spiralling costs at the same time as improving service. And they need to achieve this while serving a population that’s growing, ageing and developing more complex health problems. Into this challenging mix comes the task of protecting and ensuring the integrity of patient data — as cyber crime and attacks increase in size and number by the day. Cyber security has suddenly shot to the top of a health agenda that’s been preoccupied with finding cost savings, and vigilance needs to be high across the sector.

Innovation and security need to go hand in hand.

Healthcare is increasingly embracing innovation as a route to close the funding gap, rethinking the way it does things and bringing in new technologies to help. It’s vital that cyber security is an integral part of this process of transformation: balancing the risk of using new technologies with considered and robust security protection.

We’re in an era where everything in the world of health is coming together. The health and social care sectors are joining up, just as security and healthcare are merging into a single process. IT, with the right security in place, is giving health professionals more patient-facing time. And it’s freeing up the health sector to be more creative with its resources. The need to close the funding gap is creating opportunities to bring together technology, people, infrastructure, systems and services in fresh combinations to achieve stunning outcomes.

Partnering with health for better outcomes.

The summit will be an important forum for us to share our expertise to help the health sector meet its challenges. I’ll be contributing a keynote session about how we can securely bring together technology and new ways of working to transform the delivery of care. I’ll go into how, in partnership, we can rethink the risks, both internal and external, facing healthcare. And I’ll outline our roadmap for creating a more secure and resilient health and social care service.

To secure your place at the UK Health Cyber Security Summit, visit the registration page.

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