Jack Porter, Head of Manufacturing, BTGS

The connected car, coming to a road near you.

By Jack Porter, Head of Manufacturing, BT Global Services.

As the market for the connected car takes off, it could make driving a whole lot safer for everyone. Our new infographic puts you in the picture.

It’s behind you…

The connected car has gone from a futuristic Jetsons-style possibility to being the car that’s behind you at the roundabout. In just five years’ time, up to 90 per cent of cars on UK roads could be connected.

Consumer and legislation driven.

Some form of connectivity is going to be compulsory for new vehicles in the European Union. By 2018, all new trucks must have an Advanced Emergency Braking System and all new cars must have a system that automatically notifies emergency centres in the event of a collision.

But this is just the beginning; consumers are welcoming car connectivity with open arms. In the main, they’re attracted by the safety and diagnostics capabilities, and access to connected services through the dashboard.

Take a look at our new infographic to find out how the connected car market is likely to develop over the next five years — and uncover your next car’s likely capabilities.

An animated infographic on the connected car

Keep an eye out for our next infographic that looks at just how secure the connected car really is.

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