Globe image from BT and Cisco infographic

Enterprises need to act now to take advantage of the cloud.

Cloud is no longer merely a trend or buzzword — it’s an established platform for many businesses. And, as Cisco’s latest Global Cloud Index reveals, by 2020, global cloud IP traffic will almost quadruple, driven by the rise in cloud workload distribution and cloud virtualisation.

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Chet Patel, Head of Propositions and Portfolio

How tomorrow’s tech will transform airline contact centres.

By Chet Patel, President, Global Portfolio and Marketing, BT.

Providing a great customer experience is vital for airlines trying to attract passengers. Here’s how the technology of tomorrow will help them do just that.

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The benefits and barriers to using the cloud.

By John Abel, Head of Technology and Cloud for UK, Ireland and Israel, Oracle.

For many businesses, security concerns are a barrier to making the most of the cloud. But BT and Oracle have a solution that keeps customer data safe.
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Simon Bond, Senior Consultant, BT.

How cloudlets can transform connectivity.

By Simon Bond, Senior Consultant, BT.

If you can’t get what you need from the cloud, a cloudlet could be your answer. Simon Bond explains what they are and why you might need them.

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A snapshot of enterprise cloud usage in 2016.

Hybrid-cloud environments open up a world of possibilities for organisations. We take a look at why (and how you can do the same). [Read more…]