Marco Gianotten

How tech disruption is turning outsourcing on its head

Marco Gianotten is CEO and co-founder of Giarte, a leading IT services and IT outsourcing research and consultancy firm.  Marco has a clear-cut vision on outsourcing and is actively challenging his customers to re-evaluate their IT landscape from a business perspective.

As illustrated in this interview, Marco does not mince his words: it is high time that companies let go of their legacy, ditch the traditional SLA and rebuild the sourcing relationship on the basis of trust, commitment and healthy conflict. Alrik Hohman, deal architect at BT, joined us in this interview to explain how BT is addressing these trends through its Cloud-of-Clouds roadmap. [Read more…]

Only your imagination is a limit to what technology is capable of today

In February 2016, Fabrice De Windt was appointed CEO of BT’s Benelux organisation. Fabrice is Belgian but has spent the past five years working internationally, serving some of BT’s biggest customers around the globe.

In his previous role, Fabrice was responsible for BT’s financial services customers in Europe and before that held a global sales management role. In other words, Fabrice comes from the front-line trenches, where he has had first-hand experience helping large enterprises deal with the challenges of digital transformation. We asked Fabrice about his perspective on the market’s major trends – and how BT is responding. [Read more…]

The opportunity in shadow IT: Annick Vanmeulder weighs in

Spending on ‘shadow’ IT is rampant. It is touching the core of IT services and it is happening in all industries, including those that thought themselves immune, such as finance. Is IT thus becoming redundant as it loses control over the organization’s IT estate?

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Tim Rooney

Make the most out of cloud with IPAM

By Tim Rooney, Director, Product Management, BT Diamond IP.

If you’re looking to reduce costs, cloud is your answer. It gives you flexible, agile access to applications, platforms and infrastructure services and virtualisation technologies (to create virtual, rather than actual, versions of things) so you can take advantage of opportunities quicker. It’s this agility and elasticity that makes the cloud so efficient and economical.

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Shadow IT total eclipse?

The shade cast by shadow IT across the light of traditional IT purchasing methods is lengthening; so how close are we to a total eclipse?

Gartner has indicated that in terms of ‘shadow IT’ — where IT tools are used for business purposes but without the sanction of the central IT department — by 2017 the CMO will become a bigger buyer of IT than the CIO.

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