Bryan John, BT

Two careers: one action-packed life.

Travel, new skills and adventure… It’s yours for the taking when you combine a career in industry with a role in the Army Reserve.

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Bill Holford

Defence Information Symposium 2016: delivering the future.

By Bill Holford, Director, Defence Sector, BT.

Defence Information Symposium 2016 reviewed innovative ‘disruption’ within UK Defence. Here’s what stood out for me.

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Helping defence sector bases to connect and communicate.

By Glen Ashby, Sales Director — Growth, Defence Sector, BT.

At BT, we’re giving the defence sector access to integrated, cross-site connections, helping the MOD to work smarter. [Read more…]

Integrating SME innovation into the Smart HQ.

By Bob Seymour, Business Development Director, Defence, BT.

Making the Smart HQ a reality involves an integrated approach — and a strong ecosystem to make the most of SME innovation. [Read more…]

How the Smart HQ will transform military deployment.

By Bob Seymour, Business Development Manager, BT Defence.

Digital technology has made business more agile. And here’s how our 3x5x7 approach is helping it do the same for Defence with the Smart HQ. [Read more…]