Keeping it cool: real-time data and supply of ice cream.

By Neha Agarwal, Global Proposition Director, Asset Visibility Solutions, BT.

New flows of data will help consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies monitor the quality and supply of perishable products — right up to the point of purchase. [Read more…]

Chris Cochrane, Global Services CIO

The three essential steps for digital transformation in 2017.

The cloud holds the power to drive digital transformation. Our CIO, Chris Cochrane, highlights the three steps every CIO should take to guarantee success.

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Digitising store operations

How to create the digital retail experience customers want.

With technology at their fingertips, consumers expect a seamless shopping experience. Here’s why a single digital platform is the key to the future of retail.

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Three wise parents — a Christmas story.

Three overworked parents are late for their children’s nativity play. With the seconds ticking away, only technology can save the day…

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Sales associates from digital retail infographic

Why people are key to digital transformation in retail.

When you think of digital transformation in retail, the first thing that comes to mind is technology. But people play just as important a part. Here’s why.

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