Scales image from Ovum digital insurance white paper

Challenges the insurance sector faces in 2017.

As the insurance industry makes the shift to digital, customer service and business agility are increasingly important in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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Image from BT Ovum white paper

Ensuring digital success for insurers.

Digital technology is transforming the insurance industry, creating both risk and opportunity. This white paper, by Ovum, explores the changes.

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Martin Hunt

Keeping car hackers at bay

The automotive industry is being buffeted by three hurricanes simultaneously: smart cars, electric cars, and shared cars. We asked Martin Hunt, Automotive Industry Practice Lead at BT Global Services, how these trends should be interpreted from an ICT perspective and how BT is working with its automotive customers to help ride these waves of change.

It’s almost become a platitude to say that an industry is undergoing “massive, disruptive change.” No industry is currently immune to the transformative power of technology.  Yet the automotive industry warrants that description like no other – it is truly being rattled to its axle.  [Read more…]