Scales image from Ovum digital insurance white paper

Challenges the insurance sector faces in 2017.

As the insurance industry makes the shift to digital, customer service and business agility are increasingly important in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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Chet Patel, Head of Propositions and Portfolio

Hybrid networks: beyond the hype.

By Chet Patel, President, BT in Continental Europe.

Have you ever set off on a journey and accidently told the sat nav not to use motorways or toll roads? I have. When I looked at my journey when I eventually got home, it was a long windy route of slow backroads. Picturesque if you have the time, but not the journey I was expecting.

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Chris Cochrane, Global Services CIO

A CIO’s perspective of global IT challenges.

By Chris Cochrane, CIO, BT.

In a whistle-stop 11-day tour, I recently met with 13 of our key customers in five countries across Asia Pacific and the Middle East — Dubai, Qatar, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore.

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Image from BT Ovum white paper

Ensuring digital success for insurers.

Digital technology is transforming the insurance industry, creating both risk and opportunity. This white paper, by Ovum, explores the changes.

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An inside job: how DNS firewalls protect your network.

By Tim Rooney, Director of Product Management, Diamond IP, BT.

Internet firewalls work as a perimeter fence to keep your network safe. But a Domain Name System (DNS) firewall goes one step further — combating internal threats, too.

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