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The truth about cloud: Here today, gone tomorrow?

Ann Matthews was one of the speakers in Rotterdam at the festive opening event of BT’s third data centre in the Benelux. Ann is Head of Technology Strategy & Innovation, Retail Banking, at BT.

She has worked for BT since 1985. She is the perfect guide to takes us on a journey across essential technological and business evolutions in the market!

Ann, can you tell us a bit more about the work you do, especially from an innovation perspective? [Read more…]

The IT sector’s best kept secret

While all eyes were on Apple, a similar growth story was unfolding in the b2b market. Just nine years ago, Riverbed launched its first product in a market that was worth approximately $20-30 million; today that market is worth $1.2 billion and Riverbed has 52.5% market share. What explains this explosive growth? The product category in question – WAN optimisation – addresses the most pressing challenges in enterprise IT. We spoke to Carel Bak, Riverbed regional sales director for the Benelux, and Frank Vianen representing Zycko, a distributor of Riverbed solutions. [Read more…]

Connecting the ‘new workplace’

The Power of the Individual. Instant globalisation. Connectivity. Zettabytes. And making “Working Your Way” a reality. Wagdy Samir, MD Smart Solutions, Cisco, examined the implications of the “new workplace” during our 2012 Singapore Summit.

Network connectivity is rapidly becoming the biggest influence in key areas including social communication and the workplace. Traditional boundaries between “at home” and “at work” are blurring to the point of extinction. [Read more…]

Take another look at your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans

Davor Jakic, Systems Integrator at BT Advise, is concerned that many companies’ Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are not flexible enough to deal with emerging threats

What is your impression of Business Continuity strategies at companies today?

Frankly, we’re a little concerned.  It is striking how time and time again companies are confronted with threats that they aren’t well equipped to deal with, notwithstanding significant investments they may have made in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.  For example, we’ve seen several attacks by hackers recently that have forced companies to cut off all connectivity with external networks, including internet and mail, but also system-level connections with suppliers and partners.  Also, some customers have been responding to our recent “Winter blackout in Belgium” article (on BT’s Let’s Talk blog), expressing concern that they’re not well protected against a major power failure in Belgium.  [Read more…]


Easing collaboration in our cities and beyond

With all of the public services crammed into our cities, each one is like a mini reflection of the nation as a whole. Doctors’ surgeries, schools, hospitals, council offices, environmental health and more all coexist under their loose affiliation as public services. But often the actual links between them are harder to define, and it’s more difficult than it should be for public sector colleagues to collaborate across services. [Read more…]