Andrew Batten, Regional Director, BT Advise for Communications, Asia Pacific

Talking telcos with BT Advise: Meet Andrew Batten

I love my job! Currently I have eight consulting projects on the go in five countries in three Asian sub-regions. Each one is fascinating and in every case we are able to draw on BT experience to help improve the customer’s position in some respect.

The range of topics we consult on is vast.  To give you an idea, the current projects cover regulation, OSS, workforce management, operational improvements, broadband strategy, procurement and transformation strategy. Also I am impressed with the spread of coverage we have: amongst our current customers are incumbents facing financial turnaround challenges, start-ups, and at the other end of the spectrum, one of the world’s leading operators. Yet we always seem to find ways of engaging and helping, regardless of the nature of the customer and the problem. 

In response to the latest concerns of mobile operators, we are developing new propositions.  With our optimisation of end-to-end packetflow, in one case we halved the average iPhone page download time.  With our Wi-Fi offload, our experience of wholesaling solutions to the major UK mobiles is attracting attention locally.

Tapping into these capabilities takes us naturally into the realm of offering managed services in addition to traditional consulting.  They suit customers who need long-term provision of operational capability in areas like local access network optimisation, IPv6 management and workforce management.

To manage the span of professional services groups across BT that deliver consulting, solutions or managed services, BT has re-organised its various professional services teams into one virtual team with a new identity:  BT Advise. Over 500 BT Advise professionals are helping clients in the Asian region.  This is a positive development that helps get the right resources into your projects more easily and consistently. In my view, it maintains the best of what we have done under the BT Telconsult name, and adds a new element of scale that helps us to deliver managed services.   I welcome the initiative and look forward to sharing the new identity with you from this point onwards.

So I really do love my job.  It’s a great way to make the most of my 27 years with BT. I’ve been living in Asia off and on since 1999 and am delighted to find so much interest in working with BT amongst carriers in the region.

In this Year of the Dragon, I hope our experience can bring you good fortune. Feel free to drop me a line or call me on +65 9067 8259 to discuss how BT and I could help you.

I’ll be speaking at the Mobile Network Optimisation Summit in Bangkok later this month and would be delighted to meet you there.


Andrew Batten has 25+ years’ telecommunications experience and holds BSc, MSc and MBA degrees. Before moving to Asia the first time in 1999, Andrew spent five years in R&D and 10 in various product development roles.  In his two years as programme director, he achieved one product launch per month and introduced BT’s first IP-based management product.

Since 1999, Andrew has acted as managing consultant with various carriers in the region, advising on technology architecture, mergers and acquisitions, company transformation and general telecommunications consulting.  Most recently head of the Strategic Transformation Practice in BT Telconsult, now called BT Advise for Communications, Andrew has held his current role since 2010.  He recently returned to live in Asia.

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