Global use of IPv6 accelerates

Fifty-seven per cent of global organisations deploying IPv6, states BT survey

The use of IPv6 – the internet’s new addressing system – is gathering pace, according to a survey of global organisations conducted by BT.

The 2012 BT Diamond IP IPv6 Industry Survey, which collected responses from IT and operations professionals across the world, found that 13 per cent of organisations have already rolled out IPv6 across all or part of their networks — up sharply from just five per cent in 2011. 

A further 44 per cent of respondents plan to roll out IPv6 within two years, given the twin developments of an ever expanding internet and a rapid depletion in IPv4 addresses — the internet’s older addressing system.
Overall, 55 per cent of respondents agreed that ‘IPv6 is required for deployment across my entire network’, showing that most organisations will not be satisfied with having IPv6 on just a portion of their estate, but will look to adopt it more broadly in order to realise the full benefits.

While the benefits of IPv6 are now sufficiently obvious for 57 per cent of respondents to be well advanced in their roll-out or planning, 22 per cent still believe that a stronger business case needs to be created to demonstrate sufficient return on investment. Another barrier is the perception of complexity in terms of the infrastructure needed, although nearly 60 per cent of respondents agreed that IPv6 technology is now sufficiently mature to move ahead.

Diamond IP is part of the BT Connect portfolio, BT’s portfolio of intelligent network services. BT has redefined the concept of intelligent network solutions. BT Connect establishes intelligence as a new dimension for the definition of network performance alongside speed, availability, scope, security and resilience and has also introduced other important innovations improving network performance.

Tim Rooney, BT Diamond IP product management director, BT Global Services, said: “We have been surveying IPv6 deployment over the last seven years now. This year’s results show a dramatic progression in the adoption of the new standard, with a majority of global organisations seeing it as a priority. The move to IPv6 is here, and BT is investing to support its own transition. We are also ideally placed to help our customers move to IPv6 with our Diamond IP products and services.”
The 2012 BT Diamond IP IPv6 Industry Survey results will be available to download on June 6, 2012 together with resources and advice on approaches, processes, security and network management for IPv6 from


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