Are you ready for IPv6?

IPv6 is now everywhere. Our recent IPv6 Industry Survey shows that 13% of the market have already IPv6-enabled their organisations’ networks, and another 44% are either in the process of doing it or have firm plans to transition to IPv6 in the next couple of years.

The world around us is changing; IPv6 will be deployed across the globe in the near future. Your customers will be using it to access your systems. BT can help you assess your IP network to determine what, if any, network modifications or upgrades may be required to support IPv6; then assist with planning, implementation and IPv4 to IPv6 transition. 

We invite you to view the replay of the IPv6 Webcast, where we gathered our top IPv6 specialists and Ovum’s IPv6 expert Mike Sapien to discuss the results of the Survey and the issues that users would find when enabling their networks for IPv6.

You may find it gives you some great pointers that will get you thinking about your IPv6 strategy. If you prefer to see just some extracts of the webcast please visit the IPv6 playlist.

You would be able to find further information on our IPv6 website.  And of course, we would also love to hear your views, so the Viewpoint blog is open would you wish to participate.

If you have would like more information please contact your BT account manager or send us your question.

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