BT Diamond IP offers solutions for assessing and deploying IPv6

With the explosive growth of wired and wireless devices of numerous varieties connecting to the internet over the last decade, there is now a shortage of IPv4 addresses. In fact, within a year or two, IPv4 addresses will completely run out!

Will this bring the internet to a screeching halt?

Fortunately, no, thanks to a newer version of the Internet Protocol, version 6 or IPv6.

As communications devices continue to evolve and proliferate, new devices will be assigned IPv6 addresses. While this is good for maintaining connectivity to the internet, it could be bad news for organizations that still support only the current IPv4 version.

Unfortunately, there is no simple mapping between IPv4 and IPv6.

But organizations can get ready now for IPv6 users by planning to deploy the new version on their web and email servers, and other servers accessible via the internet. In this way, the organization can support new IPv6 users while still serving IPv4 devices.


IPv6 deployment requires careful preparation, especially for address allocations and assignments. A consolidated IP address management solution that supports both IPv4 and IPv6 address management is critical to a successful deployment. Such a solution enables tracking of IPv4 deployments while planning for IPv6 allocations.

BT Diamond IP solutions support both IPv4 and IPv6 as well as associated DNS (domain name service) and DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) services via a comprehensive, integrated web user interface.

BT Diamond IP can help you effectively plan for IPv6 deployment, execute the deployment and manage your IPv4 and IPv6 address space for years to come.

To learn more about IPv6, please review our recent IPv6 webinar series. For more information about BT Diamond IP solutions, please see our website or contact your account manager.

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