Webinar Wednesdays: Introduction to DNSSEC

Please join BT Diamond IP experts Mike Dooley and Tim Rooney for a free webinar discussing the technology of and administration for DNS security extensions (DNSSEC).  DNSSEC provides a means for DNS administrators to digitally sign their published DNS resource records.  This technology enables resolvers configured to validate DNSSEC signatures to authenticate the origin of the zone data and to assure the integrity of resolved zone data. However for many DNS administrators, asymmetric key cryptography is orthogonal to their DNS expertise.  Register for this webinar to learn the basics of this cryptography technology as applied to DNSSEC as well as DNSSEC implementation and administration requirements.

BT Diamond IP is pleased to offer a series of free webinars on various IP address management (IPAM) related topics including IPv6, DNSSEC and IDNA, among others.  This webinar series is intended to provide a series of educational sessions to help you learn about how to harness the power of these complex technologies in your network.  Feel free to select and register for the webinars in which you’re interested.  And each session will be recorded so if you are unable to attend a webinar, the corresponding recording will be posted on the BT Diamond IP website within a few days after the scheduled event.

Our next webinar in the series is scheduled for June 5 at 9 am EDT. The topic is “Introduction to DNSSEC.” DNSSEC, DNS Security Extensions, provides the foundation for an effective strategy to mitigate the DNS cache poisoning family of attacks on DNS servers.  Cache poisoning can effectively redirect users attempting to access your website, email or other Internet applications to an attacker’s site to hijack customers, phish or perform other illicit activity.  Learn the fundamentals of DNSSEC in this instructive webinar.

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Webinar attendees and registrants for each session will also be eligible for a random drawing for a free IPv6 book, by BT Diamond IP experts Michael Dooley and Tim Rooney, to be published in early May.

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