BT named leader in IPX networks in a global survey of Mobile Network Operators.

BT appears as top tier one IPX Network Vendor of 2016 as per a recent survey conducted by the Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO). The survey spanned responses from nearly 244 MNOs in 200 countries, covering 40+ KPIs on performance and leadership.

On the performance parameter, one of the operators said “BT is an excellent supplier, helped us for more than 15 years and continue to be of great service.” [Read more…]

From the desk of Frank Grosse Kleimann, Head of Wholesale, BT in Germany.

Customer event in Munich: How to turn key market trends for Germany and Europe into business

At the Munich customer event in September this year the discussion circled around some key questions: What are the trends that shape our short and medium term future? How can we create new business in a challenging market? What services push the button for our end users? [Read more…]

Enhance your enterprise portfolio with inbound services to create more revenue without upfront cost.

Successful customer relationship management and a great end user experience are the key market differentiators for enterprise organisations. They look to you as their carrier and service provider for helping them achieve this in a digital multi-channel world at a competitive cost. Here you have to make the decision on how to source the core elements that you offer in your CRM portfolio. This includes: [Read more…]

From the desk of Corbett Whitton, Wholesale and Strategic Alliances, BT in the Americas.

While spending by enterprises on traditional wireline networks continues to decline, their appetite for increased bandwidth capacity shows no signs of diminishing.

According to recent industry reports, enterprise demand for bandwidth is increasing 20% to 50% per year while access technology continues to migrate toward Ethernet and cable modem. Enterprise network managers are being forced to optimize their WANs and implement new edge functionality (SD-WAN). [Read more…]

Business insights with Damien Staples – December 2016.

Greetings from festive London

As 2016 draws to a close it strikes me what a year it has been. From the acquisition of EE, to dealing with the ramifications of ‘Brexit’ – it has been a busy, challenging and rewarding year for the global wholesale team at BT! [Read more…]