Our new indirect collaboration proposition now with the power of Dolby.

Provide new collaboration tools to your enterprise customers with stunning audio from Dolby based collaboration services.

Collaboration matters to every enterprise customer.

Should you care about your collaboration services offerings? The short answer is yes. Collaboration is, undoubtedly, an important part for your customers. Nine out of ten people believe that collaboration becomes more important as technology changes the way we work . The key question is: How to make this into a compelling service that your enterprise customers see as a valuable addition to their IT landscape? [Read more…]

From the desk of Alex Leroux, Head of Wholesale and Channels, AMEA, BT.

We continue to grow our wholesale and channel business rapidly across Asia, Middle East and Africa, where we help our partners both extend the reach of their network and complement their portfolio of products.

Connectivity, Unified Communications & Collaboration and Security have been the main focus of conversation in my meetings with many of you over recent months. In almost all instances not only do you want to know about extending the reach of your service, you also want to know how BT can help you build additional features and value on top of the network. [Read more…]

Message from Damien Staples, VP, Global Wholesale Voice and Roaming, BT.

I am delighted to announce today some exciting changes relating to the way BT will work with you going forward.

Most of you would have been following our recent acquisition of EE in the UK (visit www.ee.co.uk). It has been a busy start to our financial year as we work to integrate EE’s 12,000 strong work force across BT Group. Naturally, the acquisition of EE has provided us with a unique opportunity to reflect on the way we serve the global carrier segment and to make some structural changes to ensure that we bring together the components of our organisation that serve you, our global carrier partners. [Read more…]

Message from Matthew Chandler, Head of Sales, Global Wholesale Voice and Roaming, BT.

I am very excited to have taken on this opportunity within the BT team as of February this year.

Having come from an established environment and 8 good years at Colt I have immersed myself very quickly into the BT machine.

During the past few weeks I’ve spent as much time as possible meeting the team, understanding the existing business dynamic, and reaching out to as many key customers as possible.

What is clear to me is that the BT brand within the voice arena is alive and strong, the business is sound, the network is robust and the team have many excellent relationships across the Globe. [Read more…]

From the desk of Alex Leroux-McCarroll: GTM in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

I met many of you at PTC in Hawaii in January and once again we discussed the evolutions of our wholesale industry, and the imperatives of developing new revenue streams beyond traditional voice and data.

One of the key initiatives that we’re driving across BT’s AMEA region this year focuses on serving the media industry through our telco partners, and I wanted to take the opportunity of this column to share a few interesting facts and figures about BT’s Media & Broadcast (M&B) capabilities. [Read more…]