Challenges of VoLTE roaming, by Dhiraj Wazir, EE.

VoLTE is fast becoming a must for operators across the world. Dhiraj Wazir, Head of Interconnect and International Enablers, EE explains why this is the case, outlining the current VoLTE landscape and detailing the ongoing challenge facing the telecoms industry: VoLTE roaming.

Now being deployed by over 530 networks in 170 countries, 58% of the human race can enjoy the benefits of 4G/LTE. It’s only a natural evolution that VoLTE follows data on LTE. This in itself is a big challenge, but we’ve already got 86 networks in nearly 50 countries who have rolled this out, and the device manufacturers aren’t far behind with over 228 devices now capable of VoLTE calls. [Read more…]

BT IP Exchange helps mobile operators accelerate VoLTE deployment

LTE enables mobile operators to reinvent themselves by delivering on the all-IP promise. This evolution is not without major challenges, so picking the right IP Exchange partner can mean the difference between failure and success.

Mobile network operators need to deliver to their end users a customer experience that makes the most of mobility in communication and turns mobile-data growth into their business growth. Successful deployment of LTE over individual operator networks is no less important than the interconnection of those LTE networks to support future roaming strategies. Because of roaming users, data roaming will create a bandwidth-intense, long-haul transmission requirement from roaming networks to mobile-operator home networks, easily outmatching traditional transmission arrangements. [Read more…]

BT launches BT One Phone for small and medium sized businesses

DC14-322 17th July 2014

All the features of an office phone system now available on employees’ mobiles

UK businesses will never again need to miss an important phone call, following today’s launch of BT One Phone, a new service that brings together all of a company’s office phone system and mobile phone needs into a single service, hosted in the Cloud and delivered on a mobile phone. [Read more…]

Let’s talk Voice: Meet Damien Staples

An interview with the general manager
Business development
BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM)

Damien, how did you come to GTM?

Before I joined GTM in January, I was heading up strategy for BT Wholesale. That provided me with tremendous insight into growing wholesale business. Though BT Wholesale serves the UK domestic market, the position gave me a good understanding of the telecoms-wholesale industry in general and of strategies for business development. [Read more…]

From the airline seat of Chris Bruce: GTM in Asia Pacific, MEA and The Americas

By Chris Bruce

Director of international sales & consulting services
BT Global Telecom Markets
and co-chair, Wireless Broadband Alliance

One last look at Mobile World Congress

Although it happened a few months ago, it’s still worth mentioning the MWC in Barcelona: It gave all of us who attended a good check on the state of the global mobile industry. [Read more…]