From the desk of Will Bruce: GTM in Northern, Southern, Central & Eastern Europe

These have been exciting months as many of us close the current fiscal year and plan for opportunities and growth for the next one. There have been many fantastic conferences over the last three months, giving us all a great insight into how our markets are evolving into the IP world.

I particularly enjoyed Capacity Amsterdam, which seems to be growing into one of the premier events for European operators.  It gets bigger and better every year, with a huge number of operators attending. I was excited to meet many of you and understand the many opportunities and challenges in your markets, and how technology and innovation are driving customer choice. [Read more…]

Talking telcos with Faisal Mahomed: BT Advise in Latin America & the Caribbean

When I look back at 2013, I’m proud that BT Advise for Communications made a difference for several operators in Central and South America and the Caribbean.  Based on the work we’ve done in the past year, as I look to 2014 the theme I expect to see most often is cost transformation.

Cost transformation, or the optimization of the cost base of operators, affects a number of strategic decisions: whether to [Read more…]

Enhancing wi-fi to optimise capacity and improve customer mobile experience

An interview with Steve Dyett
Head of global wi-fi solutions
Wholesale portfolio development
BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM)

Steve, why is there so much talk about wi-fi these days in our industry?

The huge and growing volumes of mobile and fixed data traffic drive operators to consider a new mix of broadband access technologies, including 3G, LTE and wi-fi. [Read more…]

Talking telcos with Andrew Batten: BT Advise in Asia Pacific

By Andrew Batten
Regional director
BT Advise for Communications
Asia Pacific

The value is in the detail

Some years ago, an Asian fixed operator described how it had dispatched a covert research team to the UK to learn about BT’s ICT business. The team returned and implemented a BT ‘look-alike’ portfolio. The manager explained that its new ICT revenues were disappointing, at less than 2% of overall turnover, whereas BT’s ICT services account for over 30% of group turnover. [Read more…]

Talking telcos with Rehan Khan: BT Advise in the Middle East and Africa

Power shift

Remember the nineties, when hadn’t quite dot.gone? And business gurus were full of inventive ideas about how to capture, retain and grow customers?

One of those ideas was mass customisation. Coined by Joseph Pine in Mass Customisation: The New Frontier in Business Competition (Harvard Business School Press, 1993), the notion looked at managers tailoring their products to meet their customer’s unique needs. Or as some put it – to give customers what they wanted, where they wanted and when they wanted it. [Read more…]