Viva and BT launch Global IP Exchange node in Manama, Bahrain

Extending IP Exchange coverage and capabilities to the Middle East region to enable operators successfully migrate to IP based interconnection, BT and its partner VIVA have launched the new node for BT’s Global IP Exchange network end of March. Located in Manama, this first IP Exchange hub in the region complements the global coverage of similar nodes in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Node launch

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From the desk of Kai Thiel: GTM in Europe

After a few months in my new role as head of BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM) Europe, I have a broader view of the capabilities we can offer you. I see even more clearly the depth and strength of the services portfolio we provide so you can get on with managing your core business.

To name a few,

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Growing through innovation: Interview with Beatriz Butsana-Sita

Beatriz Butsana-Sita, BT, talks about how BT is differentiating itself from other IPX providers with its own flavour of the global service. Besides BT’s IPX strategy and plans, she also discusses what she sees as the key to wholesalers’ success is the new mobile-oriented world order.

BT has developed a slightly different IPX offering to most other IPX providers, focused more on interoperability and interworking and less on pure IPX interconnect. How will this be beneficial in the long run? [Read more…]

BT IP Exchange helps mobile operators accelerate VoLTE deployment

LTE enables mobile operators to reinvent themselves by delivering on the all-IP promise. This evolution is not without major challenges, so picking the right IP Exchange partner can mean the difference between failure and success.

Mobile network operators need to deliver to their end users a customer experience that makes the most of mobility in communication and turns mobile-data growth into their business growth. Successful deployment of LTE over individual operator networks is no less important than the interconnection of those LTE networks to support future roaming strategies. Because of roaming users, data roaming will create a bandwidth-intense, long-haul transmission requirement from roaming networks to mobile-operator home networks, easily outmatching traditional transmission arrangements. [Read more…]

Telecom Asia Awards: Finalists include BT in two categories

In the list of finalists for the Telecom Asia Awards, BT Global Services appears twice: for Best International Wholesale Carrierand Best Managed Services Provider.  [Read more…]