Enhance your enterprise portfolio with inbound services to create more revenue without upfront cost.

Successful customer relationship management and a great end user experience are the key market differentiators for enterprise organisations. They look to you as their carrier and service provider for helping them achieve this in a digital multi-channel world at a competitive cost. Here you have to make the decision on how to source the core elements that you offer in your CRM portfolio. This includes: [Read more…]

From the desk of Corbett Whitton, Wholesale and Strategic Alliances, BT in the Americas.

While spending by enterprises on traditional wireline networks continues to decline, their appetite for increased bandwidth capacity shows no signs of diminishing.

According to recent industry reports, enterprise demand for bandwidth is increasing 20% to 50% per year while access technology continues to migrate toward Ethernet and cable modem. Enterprise network managers are being forced to optimize their WANs and implement new edge functionality (SD-WAN). [Read more…]

Partner ecosystems ease cloud integration headaches.

By Maarten Verhaegh, Head of Offerings and Campaigns, Global Strategic Alliances, BT Global Services.

One cloud is not enough — using a cloud integration service backed by an ecosystem of global technology partners is your best route to success.

Cloud pressures are increasing.

As organisations absorb the possibilities of the cloud, demands are building. They want a comprehensive global footprint and reach, in response to the world becoming more and more connected. And, as the number of devices connected to the internet grows through the Internet of Things (IoT), this demand for a straightforward global approach will go through the roof. [Read more…]

From the desk of Alex Ingles: GTM in Latin America.

The Latin American economy had a rough 2015, mostly driven by the commodity bust. But impact across the region has varied significantly by country and by industry sector.

The Telecom industry seems to have remained reasonably resilient across the board. This resilience can be explained by many factors. On one hand you have obvious ones like recurring revenues and the fact that telecommunications has become embedded into business processes, so it is not something that companies can live without. [Read more…]

Markets change – but so can you.

We can help you seize the opportunity to streamline operations and increase security as you on-board service innovation and explore the cloud.

The financially healthy telecoms sector remains contrasted with declining revenues. Defending the end relationship with your customers is crucial. At the same time, mobile and broadband for connectivity anywhere and anytime are the predominant topics for your end customers. This leads to a massive traffic increase caused by accelerated video and the rise of cloud services. Against this background of changing market requirements and business model conditions, as an operator you have to streamline what you do significantly to keep pace. You also have to accelerate innovation to keep pace with the evolving requirements of your end users. [Read more…]