BT expands further in high growth regions

Investment in people, infrastructure, network and services to help customers expand in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa

BT announced a series of initiatives aimed at doubling its business across Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. Global companies investing in these regions, as well as local companies expanding further afield, will be supported by additional highly qualified staff, including professional services specialists. They will also gain access to a richer portfolio of innovative services, leveraging BT’s network breadth and depth.

These initiatives build on similar programmes in Asia Pacific and Latin America, where orders in the first nine months of this financial year were up over 50 per cent.  [Read more…]

Steve Kelly, General Manager Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East and Africa, BT GTM

Steve Kelly gives video interview on challenges and support for operators in emerging markets

At an EMEA Service Provider VIP Summit in Istanbul, Steve Kelly, general manager of BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM) Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East and Africa, gave an interview for CxO Perspectives on  He talked about facing up to the challenges in our industry in emerging markets like MEA and Asia Pacific.  The recently rediscovered video dates from 2010 and Steve’s job title has changed since then but operators still face the same challenges.  [Read more…]

Steve Kelly, General Manager Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East and Africa, BT GTM

Africa: opportunities in an emerging market

Africa is evolving as a market for fixed network operators, mobile network operators and service providers. Global mobile data traffic is predicted to increase 26-fold between 2010 and 2015 (source: Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update). The Middle East and Africa will have the strongest mobile data traffic growth of any region, which presents an unprecedented opportunity for wholesale providers.

What, however, is the best business model for operators to meet the needs of customers while creating a healthy return on investment (ROI)?  [Read more…]

BT Diamond IP helps cable operators manage cable modem firmware updates

Cable operators often have little control over the customer premises equipment (CPE) that their customers install to access the broadband cable network. This is by design, as many operators minimize the “truck roll” costs of provisioning new customers by having them do their own installations.

In fact, the cable industry defined the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS®) standard to automate the service provisioning process, among other things.  [Read more…]

BT Managed Services help you optimise network operations and accelerate service innovation

Now more than ever you face pressure to reduce both capital and operational expenditure. The need to innovate more rapidly and grow your business compounds the challenge. Optimise your network operations and accelerate service innovation across the board with our portfolio of managed services.  [Read more…]