From the desk of Alex Ingles: GTM in Latin America.

The Latin American economy had a rough 2015, mostly driven by the commodity bust. But impact across the region has varied significantly by country and by industry sector.

The Telecom industry seems to have remained reasonably resilient across the board. This resilience can be explained by many factors. On one hand you have obvious ones like recurring revenues and the fact that telecommunications has become embedded into business processes, so it is not something that companies can live without. [Read more…]

BT rolls out cloud-based contact centre and unified communications for HBF Health

DC13-261                                 August 13, 2013

Based on proven Avaya solutions, deployment designed to deliver greatly enhanced member experience

BT, one of the world’s leading providers of communications services and solutions, announced the delivery of a cloud- based contact centre and unified communications solution to HBF, Western Australia’s largest health insurer.

The five-year deal provides HBF with a managed platform for 150 service advisors, with the ability to scale on demand for peak volume periods. The solution is based on a fully-hosted Avaya Unified Communications and Contact Centre and Workforce Optimisation platform. [Read more…]

BT boosts cloud cover across four continents

DC13-131             April 29, 2013

BT is accelerating its push into cloud computing all round the world by launching BT Cloud Compute, an enhanced service that allows CIOs far greater control in terms of designing, building, buying and operating a cloud solution that is tailored to their specific needs.

CIOs can keep pace with the changing demands of their customers and confidently build powerful ‘pay as you go’ cloud solutions that they can use from anywhere in the world with consistent levels of quality, security and service from BT.

From the boom economies of Latin America and the financial hubs of Europe to the huge developing markets of Asia and the fast-moving retail sectors of the US, BT’s smartest, fastest customers are transforming their businesses by creating or changing their service in response to new demands. BT research has shown that customers using BT Cloud Compute make an average saving of 40 per cent against traditional ways of working. By using BT’s advanced Cloud orchestration of infrastructure, network, applications and services, customers can align costs directly to their business needs. [Read more…]

Update from the desk of Joselito Diz: GTM in Latin America & the Caribbean

The big news in GTM these days is how quickly our BT Global IP Exchange service is growing.  It’s a testimonial to our customers’ need to more efficiently interconnect IP fixed-telecoms and mobile-network operators and to the quality of the service.

The platform currently serves around 290 operators globally, including quite a few in our region.  BT adds about 10 new customers every month.

To meet the demand we just commissioned our first Global IP Exchange hub in Singapore, the first outside the UK.  We plan to launch similar nodes in the future in other regions.

Here in our region we have quite a few customers using the Global IP Exchange, including our first in Brazil.  Some of them were already customers; some are new. The big attraction for all is the opportunity to lower costs and add new IP-based services by moving to IP networks, while keeping the ability to interconnect with operators in the TDM world. 

I have other exciting news from around our own region to share with you today: [Read more…]

From the Europe desk: GTM in Western Europe

It’s my turn to write this column and I’m delighted to tell you that Global Telecom Markets (GTM) Benelux is adding more and more value for her customers!

As a carrier ourselves, we in BT know the challenges our customers are facing.  This means we can offer value-added services that address our customers’ major concerns.

In the past half year or so, part of our GTM strategy in Benelux has focussed on growing our value for our large customers by looking into managed services, a developing market in EMEA. GTM draws on her own experience with managed services from wholesale.  We combine them with the proposition of BT Advise for Communications, GTM’s professional services and consulting unit, to create compelling managed services concepts.

This unique combination gives BT an advantage over competitors: we work closely with our customers in a consultancy-based approach, identifying where their needs are and how BT can meet those needs. To make our approach more concrete, here are some topics that our customers are currently discussing with us: [Read more…]