BT and EE – 360 opportunities, by Miguel Rodriguez, EE.

As a former EE team, becoming part of the BT Group has meant hearing and talking about synergies from the very beginning, and these synergies have already started to bear fruit.

This is exciting times within the Roaming industry, with very relevant changes at Regulatory level within the EU, meaning the greatest possibilities ever for our BT and EE customers using mobile services abroad, but we can tell it is even more exciting at EE since we joined the BT Group.

In the Commercial Roaming team we are responsible for getting the best cost for BT and EE customers in any foreign destination, while attracting as much traffic on the BT and EE network from our roaming partners (foreign mobile operators) as possible. After becoming part of BT: [Read more…]

What should you look for in an IP Exchange provider of your choice?

Stephan Deutschby Stephan Deutsch
Head of marketing, Partners and Global Telecom Markets (GTM), BT Global Services

Only some years ago IP Exchange was a brand new concept fresh from the standardisation press and true IPX offerings were rare. But this has changed. Now every direction you look you can see an IPX billboard advertising the advantages and benefits of IP interconnection. This makes the space harder to navigate and making the right decisions becomes increasingly difficult. So it is time to look at what makes an IP Exchange offer stand out.

Of course this view will be heavily biased towards BT – would you expect anything different from a BT blog? Still I encourage you to read on. Benchmarking your supplier relationships and your partners cannot be wrong. [Read more…]

Viva and BT launch Global IP Exchange interoperability hub in Bahrain

DC15-217  (31 May 2015)

Bahrain is the first nation to host a hub providing global IP connectivity to all operators in the Gulf region and Middle East

VIVA Bahrain, the Kingdom’s leading telecommunications services provider, and BT, one of the world’s leading providers of communications services and solutions, today announced the launch of Bahrain’s Global IP Exchange (GIPX) interoperability hub.

With the launch of the GIPX hub, VIVA Bahrain delivers hosting and connectivity, whilst providing a new route to market for BT’s Global IP Exchange voice and interoperability services in the region. It will also enable BT to extend its Global IP Exchange footprint to the Middle East.

(Left to right: VIVA CEO Eng. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, H.E Eng. Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, Minister of Transportation & Telecommunications, and BT Global Services-MENA region MD, Wael El-Kabbany)

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Business Insights with Andrew: April 2015

It was great seeing so many of you at Global Carrier Community Meeting (GCCM) in London in February and Capacity Middle East conference in Dubai in March this year. While I had 1-2-1 meetings with many of you, I was excited to meet some new customers and also have interesting conversations with some of our long term partners. I can clearly see that all these conferences we go to are growing every year and so is the continued interest in this industry.

Although margins on traditional services are becoming increasingly tight and OTT players are taking a growing share of the market, there is tremendous opportunity that still needs to be explored. In my opinion, as an industry we need to look at new opportunity areas over the next 18-24 months to be able to differentiate ourselves and add value to our services that is appreciated by our customers. [Read more…]

Viva and BT launch Global IP Exchange node in Manama, Bahrain

Extending IP Exchange coverage and capabilities to the Middle East region to enable operators successfully migrate to IP based interconnection, BT and its partner VIVA have launched the new node for BT’s Global IP Exchange network end of March. Located in Manama, this first IP Exchange hub in the region complements the global coverage of similar nodes in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Node launch

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