ITW panel – The path to Network Security.

Meet Jason Cook, Chief Information Security Officer of BT Americas, at ITW 2016 panel – The Path to Network Security in the Wholesale World.

ITW is the annual landmark event for the telecoms world globally. Is there a better place to seek solutions to the most pressing challenges operators and service providers face in Network Security? We think not. Hear from Jason Cook, VP Security and Chief Information Security Officer for BT Americas on how operators can address security threats for their customers and how they can keep their networks safe from cyber-crime, intrusions and identify-theft and the myriad of other attacks mastermind hackers and cyber criminals come up with on a daily basis.

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Let’s talk Voice – June 2012

International telecoms Week (ITW) 2012 was one of the busiest ever, with more than 5,000 delegates in one of the largest hotels in the United States.

The strongest BT delegation in years attended with 15 executives. The hottest topic in their meetings?  Many different types of service providers in different stages of development talked to us about interconnection to the BT Global IP Exchange.

New carriers all seem to want a safe, secure internet connection and like the idea of the BT sandbox process, involving as many as 43 tests. This thorough testing takes some time but once connected to BT’s live platform, providers experience few trouble tickets. Another requirement high on their list is 100% CLI for their enterprise customers, which we can offer thanks to BT’s direct routes and no unforeseen tricks to blending CLI.

Other customers we met included mobile operators and Wi-Fi operators with home-grown traffic, and ISPs of various sizes, from 2.6 up to 30 million customers on several continents.

Start-ups, some by professionals with many years of telecoms experience, are setting up their own niche operations in particular geographical markets.  They want an experienced wholesale partner who can match the requirements of their calling card customers with PIN-less dialling or with mobile-enabled software clients. They are looking for a long-term relationship with a partner who has been delivering premium voice for many years in a consistent and professional manner.

Some who have been active in their markets for a long time are now managing someone else’s international gateway in another country, looking for an experienced partner to deliver their premium calls reliably. Some want return traffic, not on a traditional wholesale A-to-Z basis, but via specific directs in a niche market. Quite a few of these successful companies – even though small (less than 50 employees) – have servers and functions spread over many countries for network operations, account management, and contracting/billing.

They show how complexity increases as telecoms businesses large and small spread out regionally and globally. Location of markets, appropriate tax rates and the right expertise at the right price are determining factors when they select their centres of operation. Some operators only wish to buy in a niche market of Western Europe or fixed termination, where absolute margin is more important than revenue.  Pre-pay is acceptable to some, post-pay is a must for others.

Customers also showed interest in exploring SMS, Conferencing and BT’s large portfolio of toll-free and DID numbers to support their smaller enterprise customers.  They asked, too, about voice, data, and help seeking MVNO licences in countries where liberalisation permits.

We were proud to be able to offer the right solutions to so many kinds of customers in so many segments of our market.

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Mike Bygate

Business development manager
BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM)

Mike has 25 years experience in international carrier telecoms, especially with the commercial, product and technical aspects of voice services.

Andrew Batten, Regional Director, BT Advise for Communications, Asia Pacific

Talking telcos with BT Advise: Meet Andrew Batten

I love my job! Currently I have eight consulting projects on the go in five countries in three Asian sub-regions. Each one is fascinating and in every case we are able to draw on BT experience to help improve the customer’s position in some respect.

The range of topics we consult on is vast.  To give you an idea, the current projects cover regulation, OSS, workforce management, operational improvements, broadband strategy, procurement and transformation strategy. Also I am impressed with the spread of coverage we have: amongst our current customers are incumbents facing financial turnaround challenges, start-ups, and at the other end of the spectrum, one of the world’s leading operators. Yet we always seem to find ways of engaging and helping, regardless of the nature of the customer and the problem.  [Read more…]

Spotlight on BT products and services: Interoperability is critical to the HD voice opportunity

As most voice providers seek to differentiate themselves in the market — and generate more revenue — high definition voice is increasingly seen as a means to achieve these goals. However, interoperability between operators and technologies must be in place to enable HD voice services to interconnect and flourish.

Beatriz Butsana-Sita explains how the BT Global IP Exchange can help, with very little individual provider investment required.

Read the full article in HDV-Whitepaper.

Beatriz Butsana-Sita
Managing director
BT Global Telecom Markets

BT Diamond IP helps cable operators manage cable modem firmware updates

Cable operators often have little control over the customer premises equipment (CPE) that their customers install to access the broadband cable network. This is by design, as many operators minimize the “truck roll” costs of provisioning new customers by having them do their own installations.

In fact, the cable industry defined the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS®) standard to automate the service provisioning process, among other things.  [Read more…]