Keeping the Hackers at Bay and the Drivers on Side – Challenges for the Connected Car

By Andy Rowland, Head of Customer Innovation Global Mining Oil & Gas, Automotive & AMEA, BT Technology, Service & Operations

Connected Cars that talk to each other and access the internet will provide on-board features we can’t imagine yet.  These could tell you where the nearest free parking space is, adapt your car’s performance in real time for city or motorway driving, or even allow you to join an eco-driving skills game. [Read more…]

Meet Brice Jourdain, team leader of BT GTM in France

Brice, how did you come to be working in BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM)?

Three years ago when I was account partner in France for BT Global Services – that’s the international-enterprise division of BT – Alex Leroux-McCarroll asked me to join his team.  He wanted me to offer GTM services to operators in France through the Global Indirect Channel.

That year I was celebrating my 18th anniversary of working in telecoms. I’d worked on both sides of the business – enterprise and wholesale – for various operators. But indirect was new for me, and the fresh challenge attracted me right away. [Read more…]

From the desk of Will Bruce: GTM in Northern, Southern, Central & Eastern Europe

These have been exciting months as many of us close the current fiscal year and plan for opportunities and growth for the next one. There have been many fantastic conferences over the last three months, giving us all a great insight into how our markets are evolving into the IP world.

I particularly enjoyed Capacity Amsterdam, which seems to be growing into one of the premier events for European operators.  It gets bigger and better every year, with a huge number of operators attending. I was excited to meet many of you and understand the many opportunities and challenges in your markets, and how technology and innovation are driving customer choice. [Read more…]

From the airline seat of Ian Tarbet: GTM in Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean

The start of another New Year is always a good time to take stock of our business, the changing needs of our customers and the economic and market conditions where we operate. 2013 presented strong economic challenges worldwide, particularly in Europe.  But even there we see signs of improvement.  And the new and emerging growth markets, especially Latin America and Asia Pac, offer exciting opportunities.

Last year I visited Argentina to meet my team, see our customers and attend the Latin America Wholesale Congress in Buenos Aires.  That’s a very vibrant event where I noticed real optimism about collaborating and partnering to drive growth. [Read more…]

Interview with Beatriz Butsana-Sita: Shaping the IPX market

BT was one of the early adopters of IPX technology and as a result now boasts a significant customer base across the world. Beatriz Butsana-Sita, Managing Director of BT Global Telecom Markets, spoke to Telecom Review regarding the progress and expansion plans of the company’s IPX solution.

Why did BT decide to develop its IPX platform and what services are you now offering over it?

BT has been in the IPX business for more than five years. [Read more…]