Business insights with Damien Staples – December 2016.

Greetings from festive London

As 2016 draws to a close it strikes me what a year it has been. From the acquisition of EE, to dealing with the ramifications of ‘Brexit’ – it has been a busy, challenging and rewarding year for the global wholesale team at BT! [Read more…]

How MNOs can successfully monetise inbound and outbound wi-fi roaming.

By Steve Dyett
Head of Global Wi-fi Solutions
Wholesale Portfolio Development, BT

BT’s Wi-fi Roam is an innovative service to enhance wi-fi roaming, addressing the needs of users, operators and roaming partners, allowing the operator to provide a managed policy based user experience. Monetisation of the own customer base as well as the domestic wi-fi network can be combined with a quick and low-capex approach to offer global wi-fi roaming as part of an integrated cellular roaming portfolio. Sounds compelling? It sure is – and we tell you how. [Read more…]

Challenges of VoLTE roaming, by Dhiraj Wazir, EE.

VoLTE is fast becoming a must for operators across the world. Dhiraj Wazir, Head of Interconnect and International Enablers, EE explains why this is the case, outlining the current VoLTE landscape and detailing the ongoing challenge facing the telecoms industry: VoLTE roaming.

Now being deployed by over 530 networks in 170 countries, 58% of the human race can enjoy the benefits of 4G/LTE. It’s only a natural evolution that VoLTE follows data on LTE. This in itself is a big challenge, but we’ve already got 86 networks in nearly 50 countries who have rolled this out, and the device manufacturers aren’t far behind with over 228 devices now capable of VoLTE calls. [Read more…]

BT and EE – 360 opportunities, by Miguel Rodriguez, EE.

As a former EE team, becoming part of the BT Group has meant hearing and talking about synergies from the very beginning, and these synergies have already started to bear fruit.

This is exciting times within the Roaming industry, with very relevant changes at Regulatory level within the EU, meaning the greatest possibilities ever for our BT and EE customers using mobile services abroad, but we can tell it is even more exciting at EE since we joined the BT Group.

In the Commercial Roaming team we are responsible for getting the best cost for BT and EE customers in any foreign destination, while attracting as much traffic on the BT and EE network from our roaming partners (foreign mobile operators) as possible. After becoming part of BT: [Read more…]

BT Wi-fi Roam – ‘Growing and Evolving’ – by Gordon Cannon, Head of Global IP Exchange, BT.

It is an exciting time for BT Wi-fi Roam, the platform continues to grow and in June, the platform had its highest ever usage. In ten months since the Service launch, use of the wi-fi networks connected to the platform has grown fivefold and indications are that the growth will continue.

By the end of the summer, following successful trials, two new benefits will be on offer to our customers: [Read more…]