BT’s Better Future commitment takes shape

DC14-221                Thursday 22 May 2014

£27.2m invested, 46,000 volunteering days completed and a 25.5 per cent reduction in our carbon emissions from global business

£3.1 billion generated by products and services BT found to have carbon abatement benefits for customers

BT revealed the progress of its Better Future programme in its annual Better Future sustainability report, which promises to use the power of communications to improve lives, ways of doing business and to make its overall impact on society a positive one. [Read more…]

From the desk of Paul Fuertsch: GTM in US & Canada

All through 2013, the US&C team adapted itself and brought enhanced and new capabilities to market to better serve you, our customers. So we’re optimistic that in 2014 we’ll be able to do even more for you than last year: providing more services, broadening our product portfolio and pushing for continued improvement in delivery and support.

With the passing of another year, now is a good time to review last year’s objectives and how well we met them, and think about what we have to achieve in 2014. [Read more…]

BT makes Clinton Global Initiative commitment to action with Red Cross

DC13-330     September 25, 2013

BT announced its participation in the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting for the third consecutive year and its Commitment to Action, “Prepare, Respond, Recover”, in partnership with the British Red Cross in support of a beneficiary program at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). [Read more…]

BT Better Future: Making progress toward achievement of our vision for sustainability

Earlier this year we shared an overview of BT’s responsible and sustainable business vision, providing an insight into our key focus areas – to help improve society through the power of digital connections, to help society live within the constraints of our planets resources and to help improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people through our products and people.

In May, BT published the 2013 BT Better Future Report, which provides an overview of progress made by BT over the past 12 months against this vision and details of some of the underlying programmes. [Read more…]

Working to be a sustainable and responsible business leader

Being a responsible and sustainable business leader is at the heart of the way BT works. As a major global telecommunications company, we have a duty to our stakeholders, including the communities where we do business, to use our products and people to help create a more sustainable and better future. We believe that this approach ultimately aids long-term profitable growth.

Our Better Future strategy

Our Better Future (Corporate Resposibility) strategy sets out how we will become a responsible and sustainable business leader. This will evolve continually as our operating environment and the opinions of our stakeholders change and we respond to them.

In 2012, we carried out an internal review of our approach. The result is a simple framework consisting of three focus areas: [Read more…]