Joselito Diz

From the desk of Joselito Diz: GTM in Latin America & the Caribbean

International Telecoms Week (ITW) is always a great opportunity to meet customers and make new contacts.  This year was tremendous, even better than usual for me.  Besides all the networking, I joined 45-50 formal meetings.  We talked mostly about wholesale VoIP, BT Advise for Communications, BT Diamond IP – more on them in a minute – and our BT Global IP Exchange.

Because our region is such a hot spot for business, five or six global VoIP-ers talked to me about entering the LAC market with support from BT.  I look forward to continuing the discussions we started in Chicago.  [Read more…]

Frankfurt datacenter

Video on BT Compute: New data centre in Frankfurt, Germany, opens in Spring 2012

In spring 2012 BT opens its new data centre in Frankfurt in Germany. This future-proof tier 3+ data centre offers highest availability, optimised energy efficiency and unsurpassed power-grid support. It is an ideal platform for modern and innovative IT services with scalable computing and storage. 

Focussed especially on sustainability and an approach to Green IT, this data centre facility is a new element in BT’s data centre offering and can be accessed from more than 170 countries globally through BT’s IP network.  [Read more…]

BT Case Study: On Demand Compute, our virtual data centre offer

By Alessandro Canzian
Head of BT Global Telecom Markets, Italy

Alessandro presented this case study at the NetEvents EMEA Service Provider VIP Summit in Frascati, Italy, in October 2011. It appears here with the permission of NetEvents.

This morning I would like to talk about one of the examples of the application of the cloud technology that we have in our portfolio for our customers.  The service that I’m going to introduce is what we call BT On Demand Compute, the virtual data centre (VDC). You might have heard that it won a Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award last June in London[Read more…]

Find the balance between sourcing data centre infrastructure and keeping control

Telehousing can enable you to outsource CAPEX-intensive requirements for your network and server infrastructure while you retain complete access and control over it.

As a telecommunications or service provider you are constantly deploying server and network infrastructure. As a content provider you need to operate efficient high-capacity platforms to host your information and services.  [Read more…]

How customers benefit from BT Virtual Data Centre

Organisations may need to scale their data centre provision to meet peaks and troughs in demand. The cost of buying, connecting, configuring and maintaining servers represents a significant overhead for organisations, yet access to the server capacity they need, when they need it, is essential.

You can offer your customers a cost-effective, flexible approach with BT Virtual Data Centre (VDC) for the wholesale market. The VDC – an enterprise-class, pre-provisioned, hosted infrastructure – enables customers to create, deploy, monitor and manage their own virtual data centre through a secure self-service portal. BT VDC eliminates the need for a physical data centre, while offering a fast, cost-effective response to business needs.  [Read more…]