Our new indirect collaboration proposition now with the power of Dolby.

Provide new collaboration tools to your enterprise customers with stunning audio from Dolby based collaboration services.

Collaboration matters to every enterprise customer.

Should you care about your collaboration services offerings? The short answer is yes. Collaboration is, undoubtedly, an important part for your customers. Nine out of ten people believe that collaboration becomes more important as technology changes the way we work . The key question is: How to make this into a compelling service that your enterprise customers see as a valuable addition to their IT landscape? [Read more…]

Innovation and the future of wholesale

Mike BygateBy Mike Bygate
Head of business development
EMEA, Latin America & the Caribbean, North America & Southern Europe
BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM)

Times are already challenging for network operators, retail and wholesale, doing their best to serve their customers.  Even more challenges lie ahead. One example is Cloud, or Big Data, putting converged networks at the heart of communications and putting huge traffic volumes on them.

Already a reality, these volumes will continue their massive growth. The obvious solution would be to build big new networks, deploying new technology that offers scalability, flexibility and lower operational costs. But that would mean big investment in a time of limited capital.

So what’s an operator to do to prosper, or indeed survive? [Read more…]

BT expands its IP-voice community: We grow, you grow

Jens SpechtBy Dr. Jens Specht
Head of business development
BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM)
Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

Here at BT we have successfully introduced our Global IP Exchange Service but we’re not stopping there: we’re now working to enhance its value to our customers by adding new services and growing our community.

In the world of IP voice, size matters! To use a well-known industry example, one fax machine doesn’t make a service.  You need millions to do it. The time of fax is coming to an end, but the rule applies to providing a voice-over-IP service that is more than just another transport technology. We need to create and support a big community of IP-voice users.

[Read more…]

Wi-Fi expert Chris Bruce at Mobile World Congress 2013

Meet BT Wi-Fi expert and WBA co-chair Chris Bruce at Mobile World Congress 2013 Hall 8.1, Stand F3.

In Barcelona on 25-28 February, the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) will again see more than 1,500 exhibitors marketing their service innovations to the 60,000+ visitors expected. One of the key drivers of their innovations is the need for mobile bandwidth, fuelled by the proliferation of smart mobile devices.

While mobile operators look forward to 3G extensions and LTE deployment to address the growing user demand, they struggle to backhaul the huge data demand and provide a seamless, high-quality user experience. [Read more…]

Inbound Contact: More benefits for regional / global customers

Thanks to new capabilities around the world, new infrastructure in Chile and a new platform in Asia Pacific, Inbound Contact Global on the Global Managed Voice (GMV) IP network offers even more to customers.

Read on for to see what’s new and what it does for you.

New capability on BT Inbound Contact Service Global platform

Over the past two years BT has been migrating customers onto a new, more feature-rich platform for its Inbound Contact Service.  The latest addition to the new platform is customer “allow and denied” functionality. [Read more…]