How MNOs can successfully monetise inbound and outbound wi-fi roaming.

By Steve Dyett
Head of Global Wi-fi Solutions
Wholesale Portfolio Development, BT

BT’s Wi-fi Roam is an innovative service to enhance wi-fi roaming, addressing the needs of users, operators and roaming partners, allowing the operator to provide a managed policy based user experience. Monetisation of the own customer base as well as the domestic wi-fi network can be combined with a quick and low-capex approach to offer global wi-fi roaming as part of an integrated cellular roaming portfolio. Sounds compelling? It sure is – and we tell you how. [Read more…]

BT Wi-fi Roam – ‘Growing and Evolving’ – by Gordon Cannon, Head of Global IP Exchange, BT.

It is an exciting time for BT Wi-fi Roam, the platform continues to grow and in June, the platform had its highest ever usage. In ten months since the Service launch, use of the wi-fi networks connected to the platform has grown fivefold and indications are that the growth will continue.

By the end of the summer, following successful trials, two new benefits will be on offer to our customers: [Read more…]

IPX – building the future.

The fact that the wave of data growth we are riding on today is about to break into a tsunami is probably a tired cliché. Internet of Things is being touted as the next big thing with various use cases like Smart meters and health monitors already being commercialised.

The advent of 5G with speeds of 60Gbps and latency as low as 1millisecond in trails are fast bringing science fiction into fact, driverless cars and remote surgery WILL be with us before 2020. [Read more…]

Making Wi-fi roaming simple for the MNO and their end users.

One of the key benefits of the recently launched Wi-fi Roam services is its support for multiple authentication methods for customers’ end user devices. Authentication is the process by which a device “asks” for permission to use a wi-fi network, in this context, a wi-fi network that is connected to the Wi-fi Roam platform. The development history of authentication functionality is linked closely with the creation of BT Wi-fi Roam as a product and fundamentally influenced its development and launch in terms of why and when. [Read more…]

Let’s talk Voice – by Colin Dougan (February 2016).

By Colin Dougan
Head of voice, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa
BT Global Telecom Markets (GTM)

Happy New Year to all my readers! 2016 started, as normal, with one of the industry’s most important conferences – PTC in Hawaii! It took me 24 hours to get to Hawaii and 26 hours to get back, but it is definitely worth it. All four of BT’s attendees, Corbett Whitton and Gerald Kirschner from the Americas, and Alex Leroux-McCarroll and myself for AMEA, had a completely packed agenda. [Read more…]