Valentine's Day video call

This Valentine’s Day, tech’s helping couples connect around the world.

Valentine’s Day is a romantic celebration for many across the world. But what about those who are, quite literally, across the world from one another? 

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Digital Possible

INFOGRAPHIC — How technology leads the revolution.

Each industrial revolution has seen technology change the world. Here’s how adapting to the latest transformation depends on finding your digital possible. [Read more…]

A coloured telephone

INFOGRAPHIC — How telecommunications changed the world.

On World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD), discover how technology has changed the way you do business over the years.

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INFOGRAPHIC — a romantic journey through telco history.

Here’s the answer to the question on everyone’s lips — what do Valentine’s Day and telecommunications have in common?

Romance is all about communication. It’s probably not something you’ll want to give to that-special-person-in-your-life on Valentine’s Day (trust us; we’ve tried). But think about it: without communication, our attempts at romance would be shamefully short-lived — we’d all be stuck, standing around, waiting for someone to notice our affections. [Read more…]

Rugby coil information age

A glimpse behind the scenes…

Imagine a space packed with all the innovation that’s taken place in information and communication technologies since the age of the telegraph, tracking the progress of our development up to the present day and throwing in some truly astounding events along the way.

Head to the Information Age gallery at the Science Museum in London and that’s exactly what you’ll experience.

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