A positive approach to cyber security

By Mark Hughes, President, BT Security.

Just how good are the UK’s national cyber defences?  This was one of the themes at a recent conference sponsored by BT and KMPG, and organised by the think tank Reform. I joined a panel of speakers who explored to what extent the UK has the appropriate detection, intelligence and control capabilities to respond to cyber threats. [Read more…]

Gregory van den Top

Risk management and the Sony hack

By Gregory van den Top, Product Portfolio Manager BT Assure.

I recently read an interesting update on the high-profile Sony cyberattack. To refresh your memory, the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack involved the release of confidential data at the end of 2014. Those confidential data came in many forms and shapes: from confidential emails and employee data to executive salaries and even movies and marketing plans.

Sony has stated that, apparently, the damages are immaterial (PDF opens). Some critics doubt this and indeed, it seems implausible that you can just go without your financial reporting tools for an entire quarter. Earlier, however, Sony Pictures Entertainment Chief Executive Michael Lynton said the costs from the cyberattack on the Hollywood studio will be completely covered by insurance and will not lead to further cost-cutting. [Read more…]


The Claus of Santa’s problems

Ho, ho, h-oh no; Santa doesn’t seem to have had a good day at all. In fact, it’s been a bit of a nightmare: the workshop is in disarray and things haven’t gone well all day long. He’s beginning to wish he’d listened to Rudolph when he had the chance…

[Read more…]

cloud security

The price to pay for cloud security

By JOhn Gillam, CTO for Cloud Services

There’s a paradox in the uptake of cloud at the moment that needs to be addressed. Our latest research has found that whilst confidence around cloud security is at an all-time low, 50 per cent of businesses say they have adopted mass market ‘consumer’ cloud services, rather than those designed specifically for the enterprise with security in mind. This comes as a surprise as 76 per cent said that security was their number one concern.

Whilst at first glance, this seems to conflict with concerns about security, further research reveals why: 48 per cent of respondents have the impression that enterprise cloud applications and services are too expensive. This focus on cost suggests that buying decisions are increasingly reflecting short-term goals, instead of the long-term security of an organisation. [Read more…]

security in the financial services industry

Managing the risk: security in the financial services industry

The financial services industry is a sector which can be difficult to predict, and is always developing. With customer demand high and technological complexity often posing security problems, it’s important to know how to react in a way that can be meaningful and effective.

At BT, we know that this knowledge is best shared, and that’s why we took part in an event run by Bank Tech Asia in Malaysia; our VP of Global Banking and Financial Markets spoke about technology risk in the financial services industry. The infographic below gives insight into the presentation, and our solutions to many of the problems faced by the sector. [Read more…]