New global network sparkles for world’s largest diamond producer.

Diamond mines are often in remote places where connectivity is challenging. That’s why De Beers chose BT and Cisco as digital solutions partners.

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Taking the chore out of choice.

Updating your voice network will save you money and make things simpler. But, ironically, choosing those suppliers and sorting everything out is often really complicated. [Read more…]

Michael Vincent, BT Advise, IWAN DIY

How to avoid a DIY SOS with your SD-WAN deployment.

By Mike Vincent, Network Practice Lead, BT’s Professional Services.

SD-WAN offers a quick and easy way to gain greater control of your entire network. But only one in five organisations believe they have the in-house expertise to introduce SD-WAN solutions themselves (IDC Worldwide SD-WAN Survey Special Report July 2016).

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Digital and WAN transformation leading to the emergence of SD-WAN.

IDC believes that large multiregional enterprises are now looking closely at viable ways to explore SD-WAN strategies and rollouts.

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Campbell Orr, Head of Product Management for SD-WAN

SD-WAN, it’s a sliding scale.

By Campbell Orr, Head of Product Management for SD-WAN, BT.

When it comes to implementing SD-WAN, there’s lots to consider. But before enterprises embark on a transformation journey, what do they need to ask themselves?

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