Why you need to make the most of mobility.

What do major business deals and Angry Birds have in common? You can complete them both from wherever you are, using the latest mobile technology…

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INFOGRAPHIC: Digital dislocation at work.

With employees and clients all over the world, solving the problem of digital dislocation could be as easy as improving the way your business uses the technology it already has. [Read more…]

Why ‘digital dislocation’ matters to your organisation.

Remote working creates communication challenges for every organisation. Here’s why you can’t ignore the effects of digital dislocation. [Read more…]

A box of tricks to boost business

The boardroom is desperate for the kind of creative thinking that will turn businesses around and make the most of every minute of productivity. Today, more than two in three organisations have higher expectations of their IT leaders to address their broader business challenges. It’s time to turn to IT as the leg-up to more agile businesses that are prepared for whatever the future throws at them.

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public sector

Why the public sector should go mobile

Imagine how much time a highway maintenance worker would save if they could update information instantly and send it straight back to head office. Or how much easier a care worker’s job would be if they could send and receive information about clients on the go, finding information with the touch of a button.

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