Oracle brings more choice to the Cloud of Clouds ecosystem.

By John Abel, Head of Technology and Cloud for UK, Ireland and Israel at Oracle | @JAbel_Oracle.

Moving to the cloud will transform your organisation. Making it more agile and more productive with a world of choice.   [Read more…]

Andy Lawson, Salesforce

How to create a stronger connection with the cloud.

By Andy Lawson, SVP North Europe, Middle East and Africa and UKI Managing Director, Salesforce.

Technology alone is great, but it’s not enough to get ahead in business. You need another ingredient, and that’s something we can help with.  [Read more…]

Santa needs cloud

Santa gets your wish lists (c)loud and clear

How Rudolph saved the day with cloud solutions.

For most of the year it’s pretty quiet for Santa. He goes on a cruise or two and hopes the elves don’t get into too much trouble when sourcing the materials to make exciting presents. It’s a quiet life, with a call or two here and there, maybe a conference with an elf who’s found the next big thing in stocking fillers Down Under, or a rogue letter from a child who’s excitedly planning ahead in August.

Then December hits. Every child around the globe settles down to write a list full of the things they most desire: reams and reams of instructions for train sets, video games, dolls houses and puppy dogs. [Read more…]

Craig Chadburn BT GS Social Media Lead

An October-fest

We always keep one eye on the future and, to be one step ahead, it’s important to stay informed of all the latest trends and innovations. Here’s a collection of our latest articles and infographics from October to keep you up to date with the newest technological developments and give you a flavour of global innovation…

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Bas Burger

Latin America – on the verge of global economic influence

By Bas Burger, President, BT in the America’s, BT Global Services

While most of the world wrestles with the problem of how to accelerate a return to economic growth, the Latin America region has far greater ambition – as I discovered at the World Economic Forum meeting in Panama this week.

While its counterparts in North America, Europe and Asia consider economic health, Latin America can now think about fundamental economic influence.  The global economy was influenced by Europe and America in the 20th century.  It has been dominated by China and Asia in the early 21st century.  There is no reason to doubt that Latin America could hold sway next. [Read more…]