Mike Willacy

When fixed and mobile came together – and everyone won.

By Mike Willacy, Senior Marketing Manager, Unified Communications.

Discover what will soon be an everyday story of customer experience. Spoiler alert — it has a happy ending. But it could easily go the other way.

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Oracle brings more choice to the Cloud of Clouds ecosystem.

By John Abel, Head of Technology and Cloud for UK, Ireland and Israel at Oracle | @JAbel_Oracle.

Moving to the cloud will transform your organisation. Making it more agile and more productive with a world of choice.   [Read more…]

Image from cloud collaboration infographic

How cloud collaboration cuts costs and boosts efficiency.

Investment in new IT infrastructure may seem a scary step. But moving your organisation to the cloud can have significant benefits for your bottom line.

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Security is no longer just an IT problem, it’s a major board room concern

Jason Cook, CISO – BT in the Americas
Data security is a key boardroom issue that affects the bottom line, here are 6 factors driving businesses to strengthen security:

It’s no secret that data security has become an increasing problem for any and all industries. With mobile, IT and cloud communications acting as an integral part of our global economy, security concerns have moved far beyond the IT sphere. [Read more…]

Enjoy a smarter Christmas with SLED Talks.

Rudolph’s brought in so much new technology to Christmas Inc. that the elves don’t know what to do with it all. Good job Rudolph has the answer gift-wrapped and ready to go…

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