Smarter collaboration for smarter decisions.

By Katie DenisonHead of Unified Communications and CRM Marketing, BT.

Making decisions means having meetings. But meetings often mean travel. And travel costs time and money.

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How to avoid ghoulish conference calls this Halloween.

Double, double, toil and conference-call trouble — that’s what you want to avoid this Halloween. And our spooky infographic reveals how to do it. [Read more…]

Don’t hang-up on the creative potential of collaboration.

By Chris Wilson, Head of Portfolio, BT One Collaborate, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.

Encouraging innovation in business has traditionally been held back by legacy technology but unified communications is changing all that. [Read more…]

Don’t get lost in translation – collaborate!

By Alan Lang, Head of Marketing, BT One Collaborate, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.

“Can you hear me? Yes? No? Hi. Yes it’s me. Alright? No the other John. The line is not great. Sorry. What accent is that?” Poor technology has a habit of discouraging collaboration – yes collaboration, the great inventor of ideas and mistress of productivity. So why do businesses put up with poor quality? In a perfect world with fast connections, high audio quality and video capability, collaborative working can flourish. It has huge merits to any business that wants to develop company-wide projects across different offices, buildings, cities and even countries. [Read more…]

Video conferencing takes college to the top of the class.

A US college expanded learning opportunities by embracing video conferencing with BT — keeping teaching standards high and student costs low. [Read more…]