The rise of womenomics in Japan

Haruno Yoshida, the president of BT Japan was interviewed by BBC World News for ‘Talking Business with Linda Yueh’, and she had some fascinating things to say about diversity and corporate culture. To follow up, we decided to host a question and answer session with her, which really gets to the bottom of the topics she spoke about in the programme.

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Ice Station Troll — a powerful presence

Our far-reaching solutions to the conundrum of connectivity in more remote and isolated areas around the globe aren’t limited to equatorial or tropical climes. BT recently faced a big challenge in one of the coldest, driest and windiest places on earth — Ice Station Troll in Antarctica. In this inhospitable and remote location, research teams are cut off for months at a time.

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Alison Sew

Growth gaining momentum in Malaysia

By Alison Sew, Country Manager for BT in Malaysia

Malaysia has undergone a tremendous transformation in the past thirty years. Originally known as a producer of raw materials, it is now an emerging multi-sector economy and a global fiscal centre that continues to grow.

Due to its geographic position, Malaysia is in a strategic location for international trade. Nearly half of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) is now built upon service-driven and knowledge-based activities, with employment trends shifting as a result of the economic transformation. [Read more…]


Connectivity for Colombia

Spanning over one million square kilometres, Colombia is known for some of the most breath-taking landscapes in the world. From the mountain ranges of the Andes to tropical grasslands to Amazonian rain forest, it’s got it all, so the government’s goal of providing internet access to half of the homes in the country by the end of 2014, is ambitious.

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Digital inclusion and the future of artificial intelligence

By Ellen Ferrara, Head of Marketing Communications, BT Global Services.

One of the great benefits of working for a company like BT is the top-notch speakers that are attracted to corporate meetings by our Innovation heritage. I’ve rarely been so inspired, intellectually provoked … and scared out of my wits … as I was in the presence of Ben Hammersley at a session last week.

UK editor of Wired and all-round digital guru, Hammersley gave us an exciting insight into the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI); particularly thrilling for us since we provide the networks that link all this stuff up. The potential for complete life transformation just around the corner is magical. And so is the potential to put vast numbers out of work as technology makes their jobs redundant. Suddenly, “digital inclusion” became something far more pertinent than educating young or old; it’s going to be the key to preventing a dystopian future in line with dark sci-fi fantasies. [Read more…]