Why Black Friday is still happening for contact centres.

By Katie DenisonHead of Unified Communications and CRM Marketing, BT.

Service peaks like Black Friday and Cyber Monday hold valuable lessons for contact centres. Here’s why every day should be a Black Friday…

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How to call Black Friday a win for your contact centre.

By Kate Denison, Head of Unified Communications and CRM Marketing, BT .

The answer to some of the Black Friday frenzy lies in putting the right cloud-based tools in place for your contact centre. Here’s how to get ahead. [Read more…]

Discover what motivates your customers.

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Customers are omni-channel, even if they don’t realise it.

Most customers would be confused if you asked them whether they were omni-channel. But research suggests that’s exactly what they want to be. [Read more…]

Find out exactly what your customers want.

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