Securing sales in store

A memorable retail experience is now enriched by technology in more ways than ever before. With different types of consumers, it’s key that stores have all the resources and tools for their customers to get exactly what they need. But as well as the great use of technology, an in-store experience needs one vital ingredient that can’t be replaced by a screen: really great sales colleagues.

At our fictional department store, Alexander Black, enabling sales colleagues is one of our top priorities. Let us take you through a trip to the store by our Leggatt family, to see how the technology BT provides helps not only the customer, but the sales people too. [Read more…]


An exciting store to shop in

These days, retail stores face some pretty stiff competition from their online counterparts. They have to be part of a seamless omni-channel experience, providing customers with the ease and personalisation of online shopping as well as the enjoyment they get from browsing in-store. It’s an area where innovation in technology is shaping the way we shop — making the experience more exciting in a way that keeps customers coming back time and again.

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Creating an omni-channel world for the smart store

The department store is a big personality on the high street — the roots go all the way back to 18th century London where Harding, Howell & Co. opened its doors in 17961. A periodical at the time described the store: “the present proprietors […] have spared neither trouble nor expense to ensure the establishment of a superiority over every other in Europe”2. Nowadays the story is far more complex, but department store retailers are still doing everything they can to give their consumers an unforgettable experience.

Modern technological developments are bringing a new dimension to today’s retail environment and the growth of omni-channel (a multichannel approach to sales which gives the customer a seamless service, however the customer is shopping) is enriching the shopping experience in ways previously unthought-of. To demonstrate how retailers can harness the newest technology to its full potential we’ve kitted out our fictional department store, Alexander Black, with everything it needs to deliver an experience that’s smarter and better than ever before. [Read more…]

Alex Foster, Global Head of Strategy & Business Development, BT Financial Services.

Insurance: Does it ensure the perfect customer experience?

By Alexandra Foster, Global Head of Strategy & Business Development, Financial Technology Services, BT.

Insurers and intermediaries don’t always provide customers with clear, easy-to-understand information about the costs of insurance. At least that’s what the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reported recently — a conclusion that could see financial services providers move towards the use of video technology.

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Fabrice de Windt

Biometrics: will they change the face of banking?

By Fabrice de Windt, VP Europe and global business development, global banking & financial markets, BT Global Services

In an age of easier switching, banks are under an increasing pressure to find ways to enhance a customer experience and retain their business.

So what do banks do when they want to find new and innovative ways to make a customer journey more interesting, personal and secure? They turn to technology. [Read more…]