How to make mobile banking accessible to all.

Technology can have a huge impact on finance in every region of the world. Here’s how cloud services can transform the potential of mobile banking. [Read more…]

When is a bank not a bank?

By Chris Lindsay, Head of Digital Transformation for BT’s Global Services division.

When is a bank not a bank? No, it’s not the start of a bad joke, but for some in the banking industry, it might be the start of a bad day. [Read more…]

Mark Jopling, Vice President, Retail Banking & Financial Services, BT

Going digital — RSA shows the way.

By Mark Jopling, Vice President, Retail Banking & Financial Services, BT.

Most of us have personal experience of what it means to ‘go digital’. Using our smartphones and tablets, we can book holidays, manage our finances, monitor our fitness activity, stay in touch with friends and family and do a myriad of other useful things. No longer do we need to visit the bank in person, fill in a form to renew our car tax, or ring our family in Australia at odd hours. Wouldn’t it be great if we could enjoy the same easy, seamless way of doing things at work?

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Charles Fox - Enterprise Architect Cyber Warfare at BT

Breaking the banks — three cyber scams your people need to know about.

By Charles Fox, BT Enterprise Architect, Cyber Warfare.

In the final part of our ‘Breaking the banks’ series, we look at some of the more common (but nevertheless dangerous) forms of cyber attack aimed at financial institutions every day.

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Why accessible voice and data is essential for compliance.

By Will Hopkins, Head of Global Finance Sales, Red Box Recorders.

For financial organisations that need to capture voice and data, it’s critical to choose a recording solution that comprehensively meets regulatory and business demands.

Security and resilience are key considerations for any compliance or IT officer. But an equally important priority — and one that shouldn’t be overlooked — is data accessibility. How easy is it to retrieve those vital recordings needed to provide evidence to regulators? [Read more…]