Chet Patel, Head of Propositions and Portfolio

Hybrid networks: beyond the hype.

By Chet Patel, President, BT in Continental Europe.

Have you ever set off on a journey and accidently told the sat nav not to use motorways or toll roads? I have. When I looked at my journey when I eventually got home, it was a long windy route of slow backroads. Picturesque if you have the time, but not the journey I was expecting.

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Michael Vincent, BT Advise, IWAN DIY

How to avoid a DIY SOS with your SD-WAN deployment.

By Mike Vincent, Network Practice Lead, BT’s Professional Services.

SD-WAN offers a quick and easy way to gain greater control of your entire network. But only one in five organisations believe they have the in-house expertise to introduce SD-WAN solutions themselves (IDC Worldwide SD-WAN Survey Special Report July 2016).

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Digital and WAN transformation leading to the emergence of SD-WAN.

IDC believes that large multiregional enterprises are now looking closely at viable ways to explore SD-WAN strategies and rollouts.

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Campbell Orr, Head of Product Management for SD-WAN

SD-WAN, it’s a sliding scale.

By Campbell Orr, Head of Product Management for SD-WAN, BT.

When it comes to implementing SD-WAN, there’s lots to consider. But before enterprises embark on a transformation journey, what do they need to ask themselves?

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Take your network from back roads to the information superhighway.

By Mike Vincent, Practice Lead Advise Connect, BT Global Services.

Like roads criss-crossing the country, communication lines connect all aspects of your business. But technology has changed, and now there’s an easier route. [Read more…]